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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Ikat Fabric?

A: Ikat is a unique fabric. It is made using the technique of resist dyeing, where yarns which are already colored with dye are woven together by hand. Due to the complex weaving process, a beautiful pattern is created, which typically contains a blurry pattern, which is unique to Ikat fabric. Ikat fabric is also sometimes called Ikkat.

Note that resist dyeing is basically where some parts of the fabric gets a dye color while others don't (i.e. are resisted). Due to this, a resulting pattern is formed on the base. This is similar to how a printer prints on a paper, where color is applied in certain parts of the white sheet and not applied on other parts.


Q: What is the base of the Ikat Fabric?

A: Ikat fabric is typically on a cotton base. On this cotton base, an Ikat pattern is made. Thus, Ikat cotton fabric is a good choice for all weather conditions.


Q: Where did Ikat Fabric originate?

A: While the word Ikat originates from Indonesia, the fabric is extremely popular and is predominantly made in India, Indonesia and Japan.


Q: What Ikat products do you have in your collection?

A: We have Ikat fabric products across all products in our collection. Some of the most popular ones are -

Combining Ikat Print with Vegan leather gives our products a Proudly Indian feel, while being a cruelty-free and responsible product.