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Envelope Sling Wallets

Envelope Sling Wallets

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Gone are the days where you had to carry a purse for your loose change, a ladies wallet for your cards, a shoulder, or a larger bag to carry other things AND your purse and wallet. Women are becoming very busy in this fast-paced world and to prevent themselves from becoming a Cinderella and losing a shoe in the train or bus, they are resolving to multitask options: sarees with pockets, Kurtis with inbuilt jackets that have pockets, leggings with pockets, bags that are multi compartmentalized, bags that can go well in office, vacation, casual hangouts; and multi-functional wallets. Just like those never-out-of-use swiss military knives, envelope wallets are becoming prized assets in a woman’s collection of bags. Envelope wallets; as the name suggests, are shaped and open just like an envelope does; like a flap. They also derive the slender and compact nature of envelopes and end up giving you a sleek look to your persona when you compliment your outfit with it; and as if that was not all Zouk, like all times, decided to give an added feature to its already multi-facet nature-slings! So now you have a wallet that you can convert into a sling and flaunt it in a kitty party too!


There are so many different ways in which envelopes can be categorized; you can categorize them based on the material they are made up of. Like leather envelope wallet, envelope wallets made of canvas, nylon, or a combination of both leather and handicraft fabric. These are popular these days due to their contemporary outlook and their ability to blend in well with several outfits. Then there are envelope wallets that can be categorized based on their purpose. While envelope clutches are more of fashion statements used during events and parties, cash envelope wallets have multiple slender compartments like a files’ folder and allow you to store cash and other small important papers(if necessary)Zouk has an amazing array of envelope sling wallets that are a combination of vegan leather and handicraft fabric, which looks both aesthetic and makes you stay guilt-free of harming animals just for the sake of fashion.

Without further delay, let us peep into the different categories of Envelope wallets:

  • Where’s the party tonight! Out with the bling-bling and in with the suedes and leathers and mattes. Bags like GeoOptics Envelope Wallet can be an eye-roller wherever you go and will make people approach and ask you about it! Imbued with vibrant hues and multi compartments, It can stick up for you by fitting in a lipstick, liner, or a tampon too apart from your cash, credits, keys.
  • Time to gear up for work:  Your days of hustle don’t have to be boring or tiring anymore. Add a Flomotif Envelope Wallet to your formal outfits and make yourself feel confident in your shoes or be the stylish boss everyone wants in their office. With elegant floral motifs against a pearly background, these wallets camouflage almost all office attires and will never fail to surprise you with how compact yet spacious they can be.
  • Once an old school always an old school: Always felt that you are an old soul, and yet wanted to try something apart from the conventional leather wallets? Have a taste of zouk vegan leather envelope wallet with a Paisley Print Envelope Wallet or a Seashell Motif White Envelope Wallet to hover between the vintage era and being the retro-chic of the town.
  • Saree lover to the core: If you dream, eat and sleep saree then bags like Flolov Envelope Wallet, Kovil Blue Envelope Wallet are a must add to your closet. They can compliment any saree and add a new twist with their pastel hues. Do not be fooled just by their appearance. They come with detachable slings so you can modify their personas with a different sling. Time to explore your bag, girl!
  • The nerdy look: Another upcoming trend where women just can’t get enough with a geeky look; big glasses, monochrome pastel dresses, sneakers, and a minimalistic designed bag. Worried about whether you can carry off a perfect nerdy look? Give Ikat Wave Envelope Wallet a try. It even has a back pocket in case you need to keep your loose change or a metro card handy.


Sleek and stylish, there is something magical about Zouk envelope wallets. Lined with 100% PETA-approved vegan leathers to retain a structured appeal, they are equipped with three compartments and two chained compartments; that’s a lot of space for an envelope wallet guys!

You are just one click away from acquiring a pretty Zouk to your collection. Browse through our exclusive collections and choose between multiple motifs and patterns of handicraft fabrics and styles of bags made with a lot of thought and love.


Zouk’s budget envelope wallet gives you a lot of room to mix and match and experiment with. Let’s go through a few of them:

  • Pair it up with a pretty Hilfiger sleeveless tee and pencil-fit jeans. Do not forget to wear your kitten heels and make sure you show off your denim jacket.
  • A cotton one-piece on a hot summer day or a netted balloon-sleeved top on a pleasant evening of spring is ideal for a Zouk Envelop wallet.
  • Hesitant to take out those body con dresses? Well, A Zouk envelope wallet can boost your confidence along with a smoky eye look.
  • If you are obsessed with those minimalistic fashion looks with a chiffon saree, nude makeup, and a pretty pair of flats, then a Zouk envelope wallet will definitely help you complete the look.
  • A quick catch-up with friends over coffee amidst a busy schedule demands Gown Kurtis with an envelope sling wallet, and of course some Kohl too! 


  • To start with, they are compact and sleek, and the signature envelope style wallet opening facility just takes the look of these wallets to another level.
  • Zouk always prefers 100% PETA-approved vegan leather, so be assured you are participating in relieving your animal buddies from unwanted cruelty.
  • Equipped with multiple compartments, they are a hybrid between a cash envelope wallet and a conventional leather envelope wallet. So be rest assured, you can pack in your mini essentials and still not lose the structured appeal of your envelope wallets.
  • Zouk provides envelope wallets with detachable slings so style them however you want and keep on jumping from Indo western to traditional to a retro-chic just by a flick of a sling!


What is an Envelope Wallet?

The conventional answer would be that it is a type of wallet having multi envelope like pockets for you to allocate cash for each of your essential monthly expenditures so that you can keep a track of your monthly expenses. However, just like all fashionable things, envelope wallet have evolved to be multi-tasking and are adapted and modified to be used for many other purposes. Zouk has kept both the look and the significant feature of compartments intact while styling its look and giving it a much more fashionable look.

What is the average price range of an envelope sling wallet?

A robust and stylish Envelope sling wallet will range anywhere between Rs.1000 and 2000, but then the price fluctuates if you are opting for international brands, conventional leathered ones, or the bejeweled ones. Cheaper ones are available in the local markets but they do not last long and will ultimately weigh on your pocket for having to buy them every once in a while.

Where can I use an Envelope Sling Wallet?

Due to their slender and minimalistic approach, these wallets can be paired up with anything, even an Indo-Western lehenga! All you need is a little bit of confidence to flaunt them.

What are the best women’s wallets?

With so many types of wallets in the market, like flap wallets, cash envelope wallets, cell phone wallets, etc., the two folds, three folds, and envelopes seem to be pretty popular among women. Check out Zouk’s exclusive online collections of these wallets and alter their usage according to your needs.

Which are the best Envelope sling wallets offered by Zouk?


Ikat Grere Envelope Wallet  | GeoOptics Envelope Wallet  | Multicolor Mandala Envelope Wallet  | Flolov Envelope Wallet  | Royal Green Mogra Print Envelope Wallet 


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Price (Rs.)

Paisley Print Envelope Wallet 


Lattice Lace Envelope Wallet 


Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Envelope Wallet 


Ikat Arrow Envelope Wallet 


African Art Envelope Wallet


Royal Indian Peacock Envelope Wallet 


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