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Zouk bags featured in Netflix's Little Things 3

Netflix's Little Things 3 is a top series. Nice series, loved by millennials across India. So, when two Zouk bags appeared in the series, carried b...

Zouk is now PeTA approved Vegan

From 2016, we have been 100% Vegan. PeTA has finally given us their badge of approval to say that we are indeed Vegan.

Laptop Bag for Women - Zouk Guide to buying the best online

This guide has 5 easy points to consider while buying your next women's laptop bag online.

About Us

What we believe in

From the rich and diverse culture of India, we bring to you the feel of grandeur and celebration.

Our handmade bags are a tribute to our culture. Explore the handcrafted and highly functional range of bags for all your needs.

Our products are 100% Vegan. We believe our products showcase a feeling of Proudly Indian.

Our Founder

Disha is passionate about understanding and exploring the rich Indian culture and heritage.  

With an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and an Engineering degree from GEC, Jabalpur, she used her experiences at Practo, RBS and Reliance Energy to launch her own company, Sea Turtle Private Limited.

Under Sea Turtle, the first brand is Zouk, which bring trendy bags for millennials, with an Indian traditional twist. 

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