Question: What material is our products made of?

Answer: All our products are made up of 100% vegan leather and handcrafted Indian fabrics such as Ikat, Jute Khadi


    Question: What is Vegan leather?

    Answer: Vegan leather is a synthetic material which does not use any animal skin. It is artificially manufactured and does not harm any animals in the process. You can read more about vegan leather on the PeTA website.


      Question: What do you mean by handcrafted bags and handcrafted wallets?

      Answer: All our bags and wallets are carefully hand made by skilled artisans. We take immense care to make high quality, perfect finished bags and wallets for our customers.


        Question: What is the general delivery time for the products?

        Answer: The exact delivery time will be based on the shipping pincode. Generally we take at least 3-4 days to deliver to any metro cities in India and 5-6 days in rest of the India. 


          Question: My bag or wallet might get dirty. In such a case, what can I do?

          Answer: In case of light strains, you can clean the fabric part by taking a wet cloth and wiping the fabric. For the vegan leather part, wipe the strain off using cotton soaked in any oil, like coconut oil. Do not clean the fabric with oil or any other chemical. Heavy strains are tough to clean. 


            Question: What do you mean by Zouk bags are water resistant?

            Answer: Water resistant means the bag has an inner lining which helps slow down the penetration of the water inside the bag, thus saving the items inside the bag from getting wet. The bag can withstand slight rains and can hold water from seeping in for some time, but prolonged exposure to rain or water will result in water getting inside the bag.


            We hope these FAQs help you while taking a purchase decision. In case of any further questions or if you have any suggestions on more questions that we should answer here, please drop us an email on