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Article: Alagammaik's Superwoman is herself

Alagammaik's Superwoman is herself

All women are superwomen. Each of us have our unique skills that keep us going and help us do what we do. We often celebrate everyone else but not ourselves. I believe every women deserves the best in her life and deserves to be celebrated. I nominate myself for this superwomen contest. This might sound a little over confident but genuinely I feel self celebration is also essential. #Iammysuperwoman #celebratewomen #celebrateself #womensday #zouk"


Rightly said, every woman should be her own superwoman also. More love to you.


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Jayashree's Superwoman is her Sister

My Sister. She is my mirror, shining back at me with a world of possibilities. She is my witness, who sees me at my worst and best, and loves me an...

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Hema's Superwoman is her Mom

My super special is my mom ️ My mom is beautiful and upfront , she is a wonder woman who takes all the hardships and dedication to be her own asset...

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