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Zouk Insider Reward Program.

Our Insider Rewards & Loyalty Program is structured to reward customers who love Zouk. All actions will get you Zouk credits, which you can use to get discounts and coupons on future Zouk purchases. You also get early access to new product launches.

Sign up today and start filling your bag of rewards.

Rewards & Benefits just for you.

Earn Credits

• Signing up: When you sign up with Zouk, you get 500 Zouk credits
• Place an order: Get 1 Zouk credit for every ₹1 spent. For example, if you bought a laptop bag for ₹2000, you get 2000 Zouk credits in your account
• Follow on Instagram: Follow Zouk on Instagram to get 50 Zouk credits
• Share on Facebook: Share your Zouk love, preferably with a photograph of you with your product, to get 50 Zouk credits. Don’t forget to tag @zoukonline when you do that
• Special Birthday gift: Every year, for your birthday, you will receive 1000 Zouk credits. Make sure you share your accurate birth date at the time of signing up

Redeem Credits

• Order Discounts: Every 100 Zouk credits gets you ₹10 off. So, those 2000 Zouk credits can actually get you ₹200 off on your next purchase
• Discount Coupon: Redeem 1000 Zouk credits to get a ₹100 off coupon. This means you can now even give out a gift coupon to a friend, using just your Zouk credits
• Special 15% off Coupon: You can receive 15% off your large purchase, by redeeming 10,000 Zouk credits

Early Access

All members will get early access to new product launches, with special discounts that we open for them.

How to Create and Access my Account


Click the "Crown" icon on the bottom left of the website.


To create an new account, click "Join now". If you already have an account, click Sign in and enter your credentials.


Once signed in, click the Crown icon again and you can see your current Zouk credits, other ways to earn points and ways to redeem points.

Terms & Conditions.

• For coupon based discounts, on redemption of Zouk credits, you will receive a promo code, which needs to be applied at the time of checkout
• This promo code cannot be combined with any other promo code available on our website
• For the 15% discount, the minimum purchase amount is ₹2500. At the time of checkout, your special code needs to be applied to get the discount
• For the order discount, the minimum purchase amount is ₹1000 and the maximum Zouk credits that can be redeemed is 2000 credits
• All redemptions of credits for the flat order discount will be in increments of 100. For example, if you have 143 credits, you can redeem only 100 credits and 43 credits will remain in your account for redemption later
• Do note that no credits will be issued for purchases done prior to April 2020
• For any further assistance or queries, please drop an email to us at


• The Zouk Insider program is a rewards & loyalty program of Zouk, a brand under Sea Turtle Private Limited. All terms and conditions here will fall under the overall terms and conditions and privacy policy of Zouk
• Zouk is using a Shopify app named to run this rewards & loyalty program. Smile is not associated with any other part of Zouk and is purely a technical partner