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Article: Devanshi's Superwoman is her Mother

Devanshi's Superwoman is her Mother

Hey guys, 
For me personally my superwoman would be my mother who truly defines the spirit of every woman, a woman that made her choices and lived by them. She truly proves that women can have it all a fulfilling and long running career and a happy home. 
Today at the age of 67, she continues to inspire me and many of her students, she continues to give back to the society shaping the minds of young Indians. She is the most independent and fierce woman I have ever come across. She is a woman that has inspired and empowered many women including me. 
And at 67, she is the fittest and the most stylish woman I know."


To all our mothers we love and respect, more power to you. Zouk wishes you a very Happy Women's Day! 

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