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Article: Footwear That Goes Best With Dresses

Footwear That Goes Best With Dresses

“A shoe has much more to offer than just to walk.” – Christian Louboutin

All women care about is their outfit and makeup said who? If you really knew women you’d know that a good pair of footwear are women’s best friend. How much ever bad her mood may be, get her cute pair of footwear and watch her face glow like she’s the happiest girl on this planet. Well, footwear is extremely important to have that perfect fit check for the summer. Especially when you plan on wearing your favorite dress.

But, what footwear must you wear under these dresses? Which shoe is fit for what occasion and what are a few must-haves in your closet that go best with dresses? Here’s the answer to all your questions. So, sit back relax, and just go through these guidelines to get your shoe game sorted this summer.


Having a pair of classic white or black sneakers is a must when you wanna style dresses. Especially if you’re going to be running around the city, clicking pictures, and exploring new places, you can’t be wearing something that’s uncomfortable to walk in. No one likes getting a shoe bite in the middle of a beautifully planned day. To avoid all of that chaos, ditch all other footwear and stick to comfortable, sporty yet stylish sneakers. And if you’re wondering what about an indo-western dress so lemme burst your myth, sneakers and an indo-western dress are a hit combination. The shoe adds to the modernity of the dress yet doesn’t overpower the whole Indian or boho aesthetic of the look.


If you’re wearing a dress for the summers and don’t want all of that added sweat due to thick socks and shoes on your feet sliders are going to be your best friend. Here are a few reasons that will convince you to go get one if you don’t already have one

  • They’re super easy to glide in when you’re in a hurry and on the go
  • If you wanna visit the beach in the summers these are the least problematic sandals to go for
  • If you wanna have an alternate in your bag for when your feet are tired of being in heels. These are super small and easy to carry
  • They’re extremely comfortable and for all my girls who are prone to shoe bite these wouldn’t suffocate your feet at all


Honestly, sandals are a no-brainer in this list. Sandals don’t mean the basic footwear with a strap or two that secures your feet. Sandals are much more than that. Here at zouk, we have sandals for all occasions ethnic, party, office, casual you name it!

These are similar looking to bellies or mules from the front, A little pointed and structured, and have fancy ankle straps attached for a more elegant and classy look. This one’s ideal for someone who likes a little bit of support but doesn’t want completely constrained ankles. This one’s perfect for a brunch date or day outing look.

The t-strap sandals naturally have a t-shaped design resembling the traditional chappal designs that we’ve been wearing for years as Indians. This has a beautiful roman strap detailing to secure your ankle and give you the maximum support possible, so if you’re planning on having a busy day choose these. They’re the most comfortable and secure for your feet.

On a regular day when you don’t want to look too dressy and style a casual dress and braided sandals would be ideal for you. These have a beautiful yet minimalistic braided detail near the toe and ankle which compliments almost every aesthetic be it modern or ethnic.

These are perfect for someone who doesn’t want anything binding their ankle. Easy to glide in and super easy to glide out of these. So, if you’re always late to the party these are the sandals for you.


We’ve talked enough about summer aesthetics but we all know the winters are approaching and when there’s a conversation about winter fashion boots are the first footwear in line. These are super comfortable as they provide you support from all sides and on the plus side, they save you from the super cold winter breeze. If you want to elevate your look you can just invest in heeled boots or thigh-high boots. Trust me you don’t know how simple thigh-high boots could make your look super high fashion.


Last but most definitely not the least are the queen of all footwear. The heels how can you ever go wrong with a good old pair of stilettos? These are perfect if you wanna style a formal dress that you’d wear to an office party or an easy breezy summer dress! As they say, always keep your spirits and heels high!

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