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Article: How to Choose Bridal Shoes

How to Choose Bridal Shoes

You know what season of the year is here, THE WEDDING SEASON. And with the wedding season invitation, is also an uninvited sense of stress and chaos. All of the wedding shopping, starting from the kurta set for sangeet, sharara for Haldi, lehenga choli for the reception, and the saree for the wedding. This is just the list, Now the real challenge is to find the perfect material, your favorite color according to the theme, and finally fit all of it in your budget. But the witch hunt doesn’t stop here, does it? This was just getting the dress business sorted, now you gotta hunt for the right earring, the perfect math bindi, the right bracelet, and the most forgotten subject ever footwear.

We all know how the right chappal can either make or break your outfit. Especially when it’s the wedding festival time, there is no compromising on the shoe. But between all this running around and the chaos, we often sideline the footwear part of the outfit and when the day arrives we’re panicking because we don’t know what to wear under that beautiful lehenga we spent thousands and our blood and sweat over. Well, if you also belong to that category you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a systematic 4-step guideline as to how to choose the perfect bridal shoes for this wedding season.

Know the Occasion

This is the first step to choosing the right footwear for the wedding season. If you blindly just go get yourself a pretty pair, there’s a high chance that they might not be right for the occasion you wanna wear them on. If you’re the bride then the shoes that you’ll select will be different. If you’re someone who’s just attending the wedding for a few hours the sandal you’ll invest in will be different. If you’re someone who’s going to have to run around from one place to another for the wedding prep your requirements would naturally be different.

Say you’re buying yourself chappals for sangeet, you must invest in something that is very comfortable, easy to walk and dance with, and lastly, it can not be a pair of heels. We all know what a disaster wearing high heels and dancing for hours turns out to be!

Find the Right Size

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right size for your feet. If you aren’t wearing the right size you are bound to invite trouble. Shoes that are too tight will bite your skin or give you a rash, whereas if the shoes are loose they’ll rub against your skin and give you blisters both of which you do not want if you want to really have fun at the wedding. Not only this but also considering the shape of your feet is extremely important when choosing the right pair for your feet. If you’re someone with broad but long feet, forcing yourself to fit into a pair of extremely structured bellies wouldn’t be ideal. Rather going for something that is a bit more relaxed on design and lets your feet breathe like mules would save you from discomfort and pain.

Add a Pop of Color

It’s the time of celebration, it’s the time for once-in-a-lifetime events are you telling me you’re gonna just wear something boring, or plain and just show up? Hell Nah! Gurl you have to put your game face on, gather all the glitz and glam that you have inside of you, and get ready to be the showstopper. What better and what is more festive than vibrant colors? Colors are capable of adding personality to the most boring outfits so go buy that poppy red and get yourself that bright yellow you always wanted for Haldi. Not just color but also, investing in embellished footwear, something that has work of gold silver or intricate mirror work. Trust me these seem to be small details that you focus on but they have a large impact in putting the entire look together.

Invest in a Versatile Piece

Last but not the least. Get yourself a pair of sandals that are versatile. Versatility means something that can be of multiple uses rather than just one. So, investing in a statement sandal that you can wear to multiple events would be the smartest shopping decision you could take. It could be a golden mojari or a chappal with heavy work that goes with your entire wedding aesthetic. You can also get yourself a shoe of a color that is repeated multiple times in your wardrobe or is common in all of your Mehandi, Haldi, sangeet, Shaadi, and reception outfits. Because let's be real buying one shoe each for every different occasion isn’t very practical, is it?

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