3 essential features of an Office Messenger Bag post CoVid

The world has changed. Thankfully, our Vegan Leather Messenger Bags work well in the new normal, with CoVid still around.

Hygiene and staying safe is the highest priority. You need bags that help you do that. We have all those and more in our Messenger Laptop Bags.

Open Front Pocket for the Hand Sanitizer

  • Open front pocket, perfect for a hand sanitiser
  • No more opening zippers and touching inner surfaces
  • Reach your hand sanitizer after touching those lift buttons, doors.


Zipper Back Pocket for the Face Mask

  • Zipper Back Pocket for keeping your face mask
  • Masks now get their own compartment
  • Avoid mixing it with other items in the bag

Vegan Messenger Laptop Bag


Short Handles for close carrying

  • Sturdy & comfortable handles to carry it closely
  • Avoid touching others in crowded spaces
  • Clean it with ease

Messenger Laptop Bag


So, get a Messenger Laptop Bag that is perfect for the post CoVid world.