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Article: Roshul's Superwoman is her Mother

Roshul's Superwoman is her Mother

Hi there!! To me my Superwoman is that woman who starts her day early for her family, so that their needs are complete, who lives her life with well defined goals be it family or workplace , who serves community without looking for any personal benefits, whose heart is so large that even Universe seems to be miniature. My Superwoman is that MOTHER who has all the above qualities. #mother #motherearth


We wish you all the very best.


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Vinodhini's Superwoman is her Mom

My mom is my superwomen for me.. In every persons we really need good teacher to make path for us right. In that way she guides me in a right path....

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Anushree Iyer's Supewoman is her Mom

Hi. My superwoman is my Mom. She is the best i could ever get. Not only just because she is my mom but also because she has been there for me the w...

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