Women's Office Bag - Classy and Functional

When we make new products, our main objective has been style and functionality. We want our customers to carry a bag that they are happy with and also fits their requirements. 

While we understood style well, we focused even more this time on customer's requirements. We spoke to a few customers and took their feedback.

The biggest common point we received was that they wanted one handbag that could fit their laptop, tiffin, some papers and a book to read. It should also have a pocket for their phone and a pen and some space to keep their wallet. 

We wanted you to carry just one bag which takes care of all your needs.

We started with these requirements and after 2 months of playing around with fabric, vegan leather and cloth, we came up with a new line - Women's Office Bag. 

Zouk Women's Office + Laptop Bag

It's your go-to bag for all days and seasons. It is also still Proudly Indian and 100% Vegan.

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