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Classic Wallets

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Get Classic Wallets from Zouk that Makes you look Class Apart! 

Wallets have become an inseparable part of our lives. Every woman needs wallets that help them carry their day-to-day essentials conveniently. These essentials include everything right from coins, cash, metro cards, credit or debit cards, ID proofs, and few others. Apart from the functionality, wallets are also a mode to style yourself.

In a fast-moving lifestyle, women need classic wallets that allow them to carry everything in one place. Moreover, these wallets need to be sleek and minimalistic so that one can find everything at a finger’s reach while traveling. 

Gone are the days when bulky wallets manufactured using animal leather made the cut. Moreover, a need for compact and stylish wallets emerged with the growing necessity of carrying essentials, particularly for working professionals.

Zouk offers sleek, stylish, and classic clutches made out of 100% vegan leather. These wallets are lightweight and have water-resistant inner linings to serve a durable all-weather experience. Besides, every wallet has unique and stylish designer prints embedded on it to make it look classy!

All our classic clutches are intricately designed, combining the traditional Indian essence and modern aesthetics to meet your fashion quotient and to ensure you stand out from the ordinary. 

Explore Classic Designer Purses from Zouk!

Women can end their search with Zouk for the best designer purses that can be paired with all outfits. Explore from our wide range of classic designer purses made using vegan leather and Jute Khadi fabric. Besides, our classic designer purses also feature functional interiors with dedicated card slots and metallic chains to make them elegant and sturdy at the same time!

You can choose from our highly trending Classic Lattice Lace Zipper Wallet or the Mughal Motif Zipper Wallet.

You can also explore the complete range of women's wallets.


1. Which are the most popular handcrafted leather wallets or purses offered by Zouk?

Zouk offers a wide range of classic handcrafted leather wallets and clutches featuring stylish and timeless design prints embedded by skilled artisans. Besides, all our handcrafted leather wallets are cruelty-free as we only use vegan leather.Listed below are some of the classic purses of all time offered by Zouk:

  1. Classic Zipper Wallet - Paisley Print
  2. Classic Zipper Wallet - Brown Floral Motif
  3. Classic Zipper Wallet - Ikat Striped Grey
  4. Classic Zipper Wallet - Lattice Lace
  5. Classic Zipper Wallet - Mughal Motif
  6. Classic Zipper Wallet - Black Metal

If you are looking for a smaller purse, explore our complete collection of mini wallets now.

2. What does a classic wallet look like?

A classic women’s wallet firstly stands out for its classy looks. It features a rich aesthetic appeal that always makes you stylish, sophisticated, and, more importantly, confident.

A classic wallet is also one that features a sleek, stylish, and sturdy design that can be paired with a range of basic or minimalistic outfits. Moreover, it should be suitable for any professional or casual occasion like meetings, dinner outings, etc.

It also helps you assemble and organize all your essentials in one place.

Lastly, a classic wallet should always feature vegan leather rather than animal leather to avoid animal cruelty.

We are proud to announce that we at Zouk offer 100% PeTA-approved vegan and cruelty-free products.

3. How much do classic wallets cost?

The cost of classic wallets varies typically based on the brand, material used (quality of leather, fabrics), and the labor work of artisans involved in embedding intricate designs.

However, considering the standard market rates from the offline market and popular e-commerce giants, a superior classic wallet can range anywhere between INR 500-3000/- in India.

Some wallets or purses are purely handmade using traditional fabrics and design prints, and they are more expensive as they are trendy and long-lasting.


4. Is it worth buying a classic wallet online?

Yes, purchasing a classic wallet, purse, or clutch online is worth it, given most online sellers provide a wide variety of wallets at affordable rates with customer-friendly shipping policies. 

However, customers must ensure that the seller provides all the necessary information (material used, dimensions) along with the images of the interiors and exteriors of the wallet. Besides, customers can also take advantage of extra discounts on classic wallets or purses during festive sales.


5. Which is the best classic wallet offered by Zouk?

All our classic wallets are handcrafted with stylish Indian prints and sturdy designs. The Flomotif classic zipper wallet is one of our bestsellers.

We highly recommend you also check out matching ladies office bags featuring stylish and traditional prints inspired by the Indian handicraft culture.

To reiterate, all our varieties of classic wallets and bags are made from cruelty-free leather and are affordably priced.