Jute Handbags
Bristel Office Bags for Ladies

Bristel Women's Office Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,863
Mughal Art Multicolor Handbag

Mughal Art Multicolor Handbag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Royal Indian Peacock Motif Tote Bag
Selling Fast
Mughal Art Multicolor Tote Bag

Mughal Art Multicolor Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
FloLov Tote Bag

FloLov Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
Bristel Tote Bag

Bristel Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
Royal Indian Peacock Motif Side Tote Bag
Ikat Jet Blue Tote Bag

Ikat Jet Blue Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
Kovil Blue Shoulder Tote Bag

Kovil Blue Shoulder Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
African Art Tote Bag

African Art Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
Kovil Blue Tote Bag
Selling Fast

Kovil Blue Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
African Art Shoulder Tote Bag

African Art Shoulder Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140
Jaipur Fresco Blue Tote Bag

Jaipur Fresco Blue Tote Bag

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 4,140

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Handbags Speak Louder Than Words!

Handbags are a great form of self-expression and a signal of personal style. They are also a key to necessity, luxury and glamour. 

Balanced mixture of quirky, versatile, practical, and fun, handbags provide ample space for all of your purse needs and make the perfect carry ons for everyday.

Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibers that gives us sturdy bags for everyday use. 

Available in different shapes and sizes, the jute handbags have a ethnic feel and elegant look. 

Often used to store just your basic essentials and necessary items, jute handbags are perfect for summer holidays, beach getaways, evening occasions, and parties.

Keeping your things safe and organized, jute handbags serve as an eco-friendly alternative. 

Zouk is an environmentally friendly brand and will take you through this biodegradable tour.

Different Types of Jute Handbags Offered by Zouk

Traditional prints on a neutral base portrays a touch of simplicity and sophistication. Floral prints and ancient motifs on bright colours speak volumes of fashion and fun. Zouk’s jute handbags are a mix of them.

One of the best things about jute handbags is its multi-functional nature. Brunch dates, work, college, family occasions, jute handbags make the perfect partner for your picnic outings and road trips as well. 

If given a chance to choose from a range of latest jute handbags, this would be a difficult decision to make. There are too many distinct jute handbags to choose from and the choice becomes more difficult if you pair it with different utilities. Some of the Jute Handbag types are:

The Classic Jute Handbag  – These are the best jute handbags and they go with almost every outfit. These are designed to minimize the impact on the carrier and maximize mobility so you remain unburdened throughout your ride. Have a look at Beige Women's Office Bag.

The Designer Jute Handbag  – This jute handbag features a trendy design that is bound to attract attention. Pair this bag with any dress of your choice and heels to get that super stylish look. Say a warm hello to Brown Floral Motif Handbag.

Office Jute Handbag - The road to office should be smooth and hassle free. You also want your laptop, cash, cards, mobile and important documents at one organized place. Bristel Women's Office Bag can be your everyday buddy.

Family Function Jute Handbag - Make up pouch, earphones, books, mobile, comfy clothes, emergency medicines - you need a lot of things when you have to attend weddings and functions at distant places. Ikat Brown Multi Wave Tote Bag is your road-buddy!

We, at Zouk, understand your purpose and functionality related to handbags. Buy jute handbags at Zouk that are stylish and environment-friendly.


Compartments in Jute Handbags 

Buy jute handbags online from Zouk that are durable, stylish and functional.

It has a main compartment for carrying things like wallet, charger, power bank, earphones, umbrella, first aid kit, water bottle, make-up kit, books, and extra clothing. 

The usage of the zipper slot may vary from person to person. Someone may stop carrying a wallet and choose to keep the cash and cards or someone may carry safety gadgets and tools to help themselves in difficult situations. 

Do you know the best part? It comes with ergonomic straps. 

Buy jute handbags online from Zouk that are an asset for your wardrobe.

Buy Jute Handbags Online at Zouk

When you’re out shopping, you want your products to be carried safely. Zero compromise on quality, Zouk’s jute handbags are washable, easily maintained and can be cleaned swiftly. It makes it more user-friendly.

Zouk is a well-known cruelty-free brand where you can shop for the latest jute handbags online

From students to entrepreneurs to professionals to travelers to hikers - everyone needs their go-to bags. 

Zouk has jute handbags that allows you to move tension-free while having all of your belongings at one place, safe and organized. 

Searching for jute handbags online? We manufacture them at Zouk.

The best jute handbags at Zouk are -

Jute Handbag

Best For

Mughal Art Multicolor Handbag

Best overall

Floral Blue Pottery Tote Bag

Best for weekend trips

Mughal Art Multicolor Tote Bag

Best timeless style

Tips to Choose the Right Jute Handbag

No matter what needs to be carried for your daily use or weekend trip, jute handbags are the right choice to accommodate everything.

Chic, smart and trendy, jute handbags have become a favourite of fashionistas across the globe.

Ergonomically-speaking and environmentally saying, jute handbags are a win-win. The jute handbags are biodegradable and 100% compostable.

The jute handbags serve as a great personal accessory. The Indian prints on the jute handbags give it a vintage look and enhance its uniqueness. 

A jute handbag becomes a great place to keep your essential items, especially while in transit.

The right jute handbag should have the following things -

  • Amazing efficiency
  • Durable material
  • Classy and sleek
  • Minimalistic yet elegant
  • Made of Vegan leather
  • Suit most of your outfits

If you are looking for jute handbags having all of these features and more, welcome to Zouk. 

Buy jute handbags online at Zouk to team with your casual, formal or occasional attires - Zouk has it all! 

Things to Consider Before Buying Jute Handbags

Jute handbags are a popular choice for those who need a durable and fashionable bag. Made out of natural fibre, these jute handbags are durable.

Jute handbags have multiple benefits. Here is a list of points to consider before buying latest jute handbags online -

  • Stylish and Functional
  • Twin Ergonomic Handles
  • Adjustable and Detachable Straps
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Handwoven and PETA Approved Vegan Leather
  • Environmentally Friendly Dyes

At Zouk, we keep all of the points in mind and produce bags that speak volumes of quality and durability.

Buy jute handbags online at Zouk


1. Which is the best jute handbag?

Jute handbags can be used for

  • Casual day outs
  • Night parties
  • Festivals 
  • Coffee dates 
  • Hiking and outdoor adventuring
  • Exploring cities and amusement parks 

And a million other things!

The best jute handbags are handy, functional, and not to mention, stylish ways of carrying all your day-trip essentials. 

Buy the latest jute handbags at Zouk with a dash of neutral colours, a pinch of class and a style that suits you well!


2. Which jute sling handbags are in style for 2021?

Versatility and convenience is an important key factor for storage when you are out for a casual or busy day. Functional, durable and fashionable, jute handbags are perfect to house your essentials for city day trips, long walks or sightseeing.


3. What is the price of a good jute handbag?

Typical jute handbags are priced between Rs. 500 to 3000. If you are searching for a jute handbag online, Zouk is a good place. Our jute handbags are affordable and will fit your needs. We often run discounts and combo offers, that will further help in adding more to your collection.

4. Is it worth buying a jute handbag online?

Buy a jute handbag online because it saves a lot of time. One can easily browse through different online shops and e-commerce stores to select whatever they want within the shortest possible time. In a bid to attract more customers to buy their products, sellers tend to give out more discount deals and coupon codes. Buy jute handbags online at Zouk from a large variety of options!

Zouk bags are PETA-approved and made of Vegan leather because it is versatile and eco-friendly. You can get rid of dust, dirt and stains by simply wiping the bags’ exterior with a wet cloth. 


5. Which is the best jute handbag offered by Zouk?

The best jute handbags offered by Zouk based on customer ratings are –

6. Are jute handbags waterproof?

Jute handbags at Zouk are fabricated at our well-equipped manufacturing unit using superior quality jute, innovative technology and creative ideas as per the latest market trend. The jute handbags are waterproof and made of durable material.

7. What are the advantages of jute handbags?

Benefits of using jute handbags :

  • Reusable.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable
  • Cost effective and cheaper than plastic and paper bags.
  • Durable and long lasting, not easy to tear like Plastic and Paper bags do.
  • Jute has good insulating and antistatic properties, low thermal conductivity and a moderate moisture regain.


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