Messenger Bags for Women
Messenger - Tidal Wave Laptop Bag
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Messenger - WavBeach Laptop Bag
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Messenger - WavBeach Laptop Bag

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Zouk FloMotif Messenger or Laptop Bag  - Front View
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Messenger - FloMotif Laptop Bag

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Messenger - Geooptics Laptop Bag
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Messenger - African Art Laptop Bag
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Messenger - Lattice Lace Laptop Bag
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Messenger Bags for the beautiful you

A messenger bag is a rectangular bag that is large enough to carry papers, books, etc. It usually has a wide shoulder strap and a flap that typically covers the opening and much or all of the front of the bag.

Amply-sized and beautifully stitched, messenger bags are designed with enough pockets and compartments to safely carry and keep everything that you need to reach for quickly, at hand.

Messenger bags ensure comfort for people carrying heavy and/or bulky items while allowing easy access to the contents. Such features may include fittings for easy adjustment of the shoulder strap, quick-release buckles, an adjustable hinged buckle, and the ability to attach accessories, such as lights, phone holsters, or U-locks.

Messenger bags for women have become fashionable in urban environments, among cyclists and commuters. Many college and high-school students and bicycle commuters use them for fashionable and functional purposes.

If you are a big bag lover, messenger bags for women should be your next buy from Zouk!

Different Types of messenger bags for women offered by Zouk 

Compared to other types of bags, it is easier to place and remove textbooks, notebooks and supplies from a messenger bag because they can be easily shifted to the side of the body, providing better accessibility.

Crafty, functional and lightweight, messenger bags for ladies really amp up the overall look and make you look sassy and cool.

If given a chance to choose from a range of stylish messenger bags for women, this would be a difficult decision to make. There are too many distinct new messenger bags to choose from and the choice becomes more difficult if you pair it with different outfits, utilities and occasions. Some of the Messenger Bag types are:

Multifunctional Messenger Bag - These messenger bags for ladies are well-made, roomy, stylish, functional, and durable. You can manage to pack your mobile, wallet, chargers, books, kindle, medications and anything that you need to keep in an organized manner and access quickly. Have a look at the Messenger - FloMotif Laptop Bag.

Travel Messenger Bag - For a sleek and stylish look, the travel-friendly women's designer messenger bags can be your perfect travel partner. These bags aren't just good-looking but clever too, with a range of savvy features, such as a removable strap and customizable inner panels for storing odds and ends. Messenger - WavBeach Laptop Bag can be your travel partner!

Laptop Messenger Bag - Well-constructed and durable, Laptop messenger bags for ladies are beautiful, with just a touch of something more exotic and interesting than the other laptop bags. This variant is very spacious, and it can carry a laptop, few books and other essential things. Would you like to buy Messenger - Geooptics Laptop Bag?

Vegan Messenger Bag - Made of exclusive cruelty-free vegan leather, these messenger bags for women bags offer a spacious, divided inner compartment. Balancing out its functionality with the trendy look, this one is a must-have bag. Style it with your favorite outfit and you are good to go. Messenger - African Art Laptop Bag can be your next buy!

From canvas to leather to travel to work and everything in between, there are a variety of styles to suit everyone’s needs. We have it all at Zouk!

Buy Messenger for Women Online at Zouk

Styled in a functional design, women messenger bags will be a smart pick for you. 

To ensure longevity, womens designer messenger bags are made of superior quality material. Store all your essentials in its spacious compartment. 

Assemble your valuable belongings in a fashionable way with women's designer messenger bags from Zouk. 

It has the below features -

  • Main zipper compartment
  • Comfortable strap to be used on one hand or cross body, easily adjustable strap.  Shorter double handle for ease of carrying.
  • Classy and Durable
  • Padded compartment for laptop and separate in-built pouches for phone, pen, earphones, wallet, and other accessories inside the bag
  • Can accommodate all laptop sizes up to 15.6 inches
  • Have front open small pouch for easy access
  • Back chain for ID card, quick cash, and sanitizer

Looking for the best women messenger bags? We make them at Zouk.

Tips to Choose the Right Messenger Bag for Women

Let people applaud you for your impeccable choice as you carry women designer messenger bags from Zouk.

Featuring zip closure with double handle straps to keep all your essentials safe, it also promises an easy carry.

So you want a nice messenger bag for women but have no idea how to choose a quality bag that is right for your needs. Our team at Zouk has compiled the ultimate guide to help you choose the right messenger!

  • Most people take the same essentials whenever they carry a bag. Be sure that you choose a bag that fits those items properly. 
  • Choose a bag that has enough organizational pockets to fit the items that you carry.  If you’re lugging a laptop with you wherever you go, make sure there is a place for its power pack. If you also carry a tablet and other mobile devices, you need to be sure that there is a pocket for them as well. 
  • Messenger bags for women will work perfectly well in more formal work environments if the style and color of the bag match the way you dress. Look for colors that compliment your shoes. The dressier your clothes, the simpler and cleaner the design of the bag should be.
  • Vegan leather adds to the quality, durability, and sophistication of a bag and the image it portrays about the person carrying it. Fabric bags with leather trim will help keep weight down without sacrificing style but if you need longevity, then a full-leather bag is best. 

If you are looking for messenger bags for women having all of these features and more, welcome to Zouk. 

Buy the best female messenger bag at Zouk to team with your casual, formal or occasional attires - Zouk has it all! 

Things to Consider Before Buying Messenger Bag for Women

Today, people are looking at innovative ways to represent themselves and their styles, without disturbing the pockets.

Messenger bags for women's sale will always lead you to Zouk, where we produce lightweight, durable and spacious bags. More than the bag, it is the way it is designed that makes it look cool.

Stylish messenger bags for women from Zouk are extremely sturdy and provide ample space that can easily carry all your essentials for the day.

Messenger bags for women are a popular choice for those who need a durable and fashionable bag. These bags have multiple benefits for those who are looking for something simple to keep their things. Here is a list of points to consider before buying the latest messenger bags for women online -

  • Stylish and Functional
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Handmade and PeTA approved Vegan Leather

At Zouk, we keep all of the points in mind and produce bags that speak volumes of quality and durability.

Buy messenger bags for women at Zouk


Tips to Style a Messenger Bag

Let people applaud you for your impeccable choice as you carry the best messenger bags for women from Zouk!

Here are some styling tips for stylish messenger bags for women from Zouk -

  • To achieve a cool and creative outfit, you can wear a navy blue fitted long sleeve t-shirt for the top with light blue slim-cut jeans. Wear a cool messenger bag to look more casual and stylish.
  • To achieve a casual and youthful look, you can simply wear a white sleeveless blouse and pair it with a pair of light blue denim mini shorts. Pair these pieces with a brown narrow belt and white sneakers. Add a sober messenger bag into the mix to complete this cool street look. 
  • To achieve a youthful and lovely look, you can wear a black and white polka dot t-shirt that is slightly cropped. Pair it with a pair of white mini denim shorts. Wear a pair of black sandals and a vegan leather messenger bag to complete this outfit with a stylish and ladylike touch.
  • Formal business attire for women is a suit with a skirt. When you dress as business professionals, you are wearing generally conservative clothing to portray yourself in a professional manner. A professional-looking messenger bag with minimalistic designs should be your choice here.

Zouk messenger bags for women are unique in design that will fit all your styles and moods!


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which is the best messenger bag for women?

The best messenger bags for ladies are sleek, soft, lightweight, durable, spacious and fashionable. They can carry your laptop and also carry essentials other than the laptop (wallet, documents, water bottle, mask, sanitizer) and match perfectly with your outfits every day. 

These can be taken on a quick weekend getaway or schlepped between home and work. These are handy, convenient, quirky, fashionable and functional at the same time. So anyone who is looking for the best women messenger bags must keep these qualities and aspects in mind. 

2. Which messenger bags for women are in style for 2021?

Anyone looking for the latest messenger bag for ladies online must take the following points into account – 

  • Sleek, Durable and Spacious 
  • Water-resistant and Eco-friendly 
  • Minimalist shape with maximum utility
  • Simple, Stylish and Professional
  • Preserving craft through working with local artisans 

This is why Zouk bags are the best choice if you buy messenger bags for women. 

All our bags are 100% Vegan & India Made!

Not only are Zouk messenger bags built for everyday use, but they are stylish and functional.

Zouk’s messenger bags for women are unique. If you want to shop messenger bags for women, you’ll only find the most interesting designs that stand out and convey a sense of personal style. 

3. What is the price of a good messenger bag for ladies?

A good messenger bag for women should not be priced too low or too high, ranging from Rs. 1500 to 4000. Good materials can be expensive, and so is the expert craftsmanship which leads to the creation of beautiful bags fit for daily use. At Zouk, we meet both these standards without overcharging our customers. Our messenger bags for women are priced reasonably for their quality and aesthetics. Additionally, we offer mind-bending discounts that will keep your pockets happy! 

4. Is it worth buying a messenger bag for ladies online?

Buy messenger bags for ladies online because it saves a lot of time. One can easily browse through different online shops and e-commerce stores to select whatever they want within the shortest possible time. In a bid to attract more customers to buy their products, sellers tend to give out more discount deals and coupon codes. Buy messenger bags for women online at Zouk from a diverse variety!

Zouk bags are 100% PeTA approved vegan and cruelty-free. Since they are made of vegan leather,  it is easy to clean. You can get rid of dust, dirt and stains by simply wiping the bags’ exterior with a wet cloth. 

5. Which is the best messenger bag for ladies offered by Zouk?

The best messenger bags for ladies based on customer ratings are –


Messenger - FloMotif Laptop Bag | Messenger - Tidal Wave Laptop Bag | Messenger - WavBeach Laptop Bag | Messenger - African Art Laptop Bag | Messenger - Lattice Lace Laptop Bag

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Messenger Bags for Women

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Messenger - Tidal Wave Laptop Bag


Messenger - WavBeach Laptop Bag


Messenger - African Art Laptop Bag


Messenger - Lattice Lace Laptop Bag


Messenger - Geooptics Laptop Bag


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