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Lalgarh Paisley Long Scarves
Lalgarh Paisley Long Scarves Sale price₹ 699.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 1,299.00
Mewari Royalty Necklace Scarf
Mewari Royalty Necklace Scarf Sale price₹ 899.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 2,997.00
Taj Bidri Necklace Scarf
Taj Bidri Necklace Scarf Sale price₹ 899.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 2,997.00
Himachal Damask Square Scarves
Himachal Damask Square Scarves Sale price₹ 699.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 1,899.00
Munnar Orchids Necklace Scarf
Munnar Orchids Necklace Scarf Sale price₹ 899.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 2,997.00
Lalgarh Paisley Necklace Scarf
Lalgarh Paisley Necklace Scarf Sale price₹ 899.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 2,997.00
Himachal Damask Necklace Scarf
Himachal Damask Necklace Scarf Sale price₹ 899.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 2,997.00
Lalgarh Paisley Square Scarves
Lalgarh Paisley Square Scarves Sale price₹ 699.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 1,899.00
Amer Qila Necklace Scarf
Amer Qila Necklace Scarf Sale price₹ 899.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 2,997.00
Mysore Lattice Square Scarves
Mysore Lattice Square Scarves Sale price₹ 699.00 MRP: Regular price₹ 1,899.00

Ladies Scarves

A scarf is a wide piece of fabric that's worn around the neck or over the head, generally used to tie around the neck or arm for style, during winters as winter scarves for warmth and for summers for sun protection. Scarves have been worn for the longest time in history, aging all the way back to the 9th century BC. The cloth was also worn for cleanliness rather than warmth, also known as the sweat cloth, and sometimes as a shawl. In later times, scarves were also worn by soldiers of all ranks around the 17th century. It is in the 19th century when the scarf became a real fashion accessory.

What are Scarves Generally Made of?

Scarves come in a popular variety of materials in the market. Ranging from Chiffon, Dilly, and Whisper from the polyester fabrics range and the Cotton Voile from the natural fabrics range.

  • Chiffon is the airy, sheer fabric of chiffon that is matte in appearance and crepe-finish. Although sheer, this fabric has excellent color reproduction when printed, it isn’t the best for winters as it wouldn’t provide optimum warmth
  • Dilly is light-weight, silky, and has a beautiful drape and a lustrous surface. This fabric is our most popular choice when looking for a polyester silk alternative. These are the popular choice of people when it comes to scarves
  • Silk scarves are this beautiful, shiny, lustrous-looking fabrics obtained from the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm. These will give you the richest and most elegant look no other fabric can provide.
  • Cotton scarves are these relatively soft fabrics, that are breathable, and ideal for summer days. These are generally semi-sheer and matte in finish and these are also one of the most durable fabrics you could go for.

Our Zouk scarves are made of art silk, carefully and delicately crafted with the most beautiful and exquisite prints to compliment most of your outfits and add life to your overall look. If you’re looking for a rooted yet contemporarily designed scarf these beauties are for you!

What are Stoles & What are Their Purpose?

Before we get into the details of it let us first understand one basic difference between a scarf and a stole. A scarf is a square piece of cloth generally small in size compared to a stole which is a longer piece of fabric a lot of times used as an accessory to a dress. But in today’s world, both these terms scarves and stoles have been used interchangeably as a result of fashionable terms.

So, here’s a list of ways you can use scarves or stoles in your day-to-day life and I promise some of these u didn’t even know existed!

The Gorgeous Head Scarf

Scarves have been used to cover the head for the longest time in history. Even today in countries that are extremely hot and humid, people tie a stole around their heads to cool off and protect themselves from the sun. In a lot of cultures and religions covering heads is a mandatory practice for example for people who wear hijab, This is where a head scarf for women becomes an inseparable part of their life if that’s the case why not cover it with absolutely beautiful fabrics and designs right? Other than this a lot of people like following the bandana covering for style reasons and trust me you can never go wrong with a beautiful printed scarf.

Keep Yourself Warm in the Winters

Another reason scarves are widely in use is to protect themselves from the winter breeze. Their purpose is to reduce the amount of heat lost through the neck in colder climates. However, some people wear them to keep their heads/necks/faces warm. And of course, it is an extremely important winter fashion accessory for all of our fashionistas out there. And you don’t have to head anywhere but Zouk for our favorite designer winter scarves for women.


When we talk about scarves being used as a hair accessory, a hair scarf includes also wearing it as a cute headband for every time you’re bored of wearing your regular old black and blue hair bands. Wearing women's subtly printed stoles as a headband have a few benefits. First, you get a variety to choose from, secondly, it is extremely soft comfortable, and easy on your head leaving no pain or marks behind and lastly you can match it with your outfits!

Belt it up

Another easy way to style ladies black scarf is to use it as a belt. It might sound like a radical idea at first but trust me it is a matter of time until it becomes your go-to! As far as tying it is concerned, it can be done almost in any way you want. You can tie it completely around your waist or just as a ribbon on one side of your waist. Just remember keep it spicy keep it stylish!

Tie it to Your Hair

Here’s a super underrated way of using a ladies' stole and that is to simply tie it to your rubber band and flaunt that ribbon hanging from the top of your ponytail like the princess that you are!

Accessorise Your Bag

I can’t stress enough how much something as small as a scarf can add to your bag. Don’t we all have that one scarf we brought because it looks absolutely stunning but never really was used after being stuffed in that drawer? Well, it's time you wipe the dust off of it and tie it to your favorite bag. Across the handle for your big duffle bag and to the corner side of the sling bag. You can tie it as a bow along the strap or completely wrap the handle for a super chic look. Whatever you choose to go with, just don’t forget to experiment and keep trying new looks until you find your signature style.

As a Statement Piece

Last but definitely not the least is to use Zouk’s fancy grey stoles for ladies as a statement piece in your outfit. It can be your way, your style, and how you choose to flaunt it. There are no boundaries and imitations to fashion. You do what makes you feel the most comfortable.

So here were a few ways you can style a ladies' stole and make it your own fashion stable in your everyday routine.

What are the Features of a Good Scarf

Choosing the right scarves for women can be a challenge sometimes. What material is the best, what length is the best, what you should be looking for in a good scarf etc? Well, if you’re also wondering how to choose the right scarf for yourself. Here’s a list that might ease some of your pain.

Know Why You’re Purchasing the Stole Scarf

This means if you want a stole for the summer season investing in a few good cotton stoles would be ideal. Whereas if you’re purchasing a stole for the winter getting yourself a stole made of pashmina wool would be the most functional.

Choose a Material that Suits Your Skin Best

This means if your skin feels a little irritated by natural fabrics such as wool or silk, opting for semi-natural fabrics such as jersey or art silk would be adequate. Other than that making sure the build quality is top-notch and with great attention to detail is extremely important.

Buy a Color that Occurs the Most in Your Wardrobe

I also call it the popular color purchase, this basically means that you take a nice look at your wardrobe and check out what material and colors are repeated the most. Say for example it is the color blue and material cotton, you must have at least one designer blue cotton scarf for ladies. This will basically always be an add-on accessory for most of your fits as it is a color you wear the most.

In your hunt in looking for the best stoles online here are our bestseller ladies scarves designs with the prices.


Price (Rs.)

Pataudi Fresco Square Scarves

Rs. 699.00

Agartala Florals Square Scarves

Rs. 699.00

Amer Qila Square Scarves

Rs. 699.00 

Lalgarh Paisley Square Scarves

Rs. 699.00

Taj Bidri Square Scarves

Rs. 699.00

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