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Small Backpacks

Small Backpacks

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Your bag is the reason for your sparkles!

Small backpacks are better versions of handbags and sweeter versions of regular backpacks.

Decluttering and minimising is efficiently executed when you carry a small stylish backpack.

Keeping in consideration the functionality, comfort, and utility, trendy small backpack is an important asset in your collection. 

With necessity as priority, and luxury as a choice - the usage of small backpack bags for everyday commute is unmatched.

The round silhouette of small backpacks complements your everyday comfort, giving it a delightful look. 

Office, college, tuition, yoga, or gym - the small light backpack is up for the task.

Welcome to the big world of small backpacks - at Zouk!

Different Types of Small Backpacks offered by Zouk

Organization, sophistication and budget-friendly are the three main reasons for using a small stylish backpack.

A clean minimal look, reliable and sleek would be the second set of qualities that you want your cute small backpacks to have. 

Books, mobile, wallet, files, lunch box, water bottle, clothes, equipment, medicines - carry everything you want when you are on the move, in small backpacks. These are less bulkier than regular backpacks.

Small-size backpacks are popular among youngsters and working professionals. 

Choosing from a variety of trendy small backpacks can be tiring and confusing. 

So, we’re here to help! In this section, you can check out all the main types of small backpacks. 

Start scrolling! 

Some of the small stylish backpack types are:

Basic Small Backpacks: Say hello to Grey Metal Backpack - the everyday small casual backpack that serves as a portable home. Inside this, you can carry your books, lunch box, water bottle, disinfectant spray, basic medication, wallet and safety tools to keep you going. 

Student Small Backpacks: Project files to books, folders to pouch, assignments to aesthetics - HashBrown Backpack can be your perfect Instagram hashtag bag to flaunt! This bag can hold everything you need to carry for college, coaching classes or learning institutes.

Fun and Fashionable Small Backpacks: Struggling to find the perfect combination of stylish design and superior functionality? Have a look at Fairytale Backpack. Lightweight, durable and easy to carry - this is your go-to bag. 

Waterproof Small Backpacks: Worried about the unpredictable weather? Want to carry an umbrella, your sunglasses, pretty scarves and raincoat? AbstractAmaze Backpack is strong, sturdy and sleek. Waterproof and fashionable, you don't have to worry about putting your essentials and valuables in this small size backpack.

Vegan Leather Small Backpacks: Vegan leather is one of the most refined-looking materials. Leather small backpacks look formal and elegant and yet serve their purpose. A balanced blend of ethical and aesthetic features, the combination of vegan leather and printed fabric ensures that you get a highly functional small fashion backpack that also goes with a variety of outfits and occasions. FloMotif Backpack and Tidal Wave Backpack can be your next buy - one for your family functions and the other for friends’ outings.

We, at Zouk, understand your purpose and fashion sense. Buy cute small backpacks at Zouk that are stylish and environment-friendly.

Compartments in Backpacks for Girls

Buy small casual backpacks from Zouk that are functional and durable.

Small backpacks that are spacious with adjustable back straps and have a separate inner padded laptop compartment are bliss in this busy world.

It has a single main compartment with chain closing for carrying things like a wallet, charger, power bank, earphones, umbrella, first aid kit, water bottle, make-up kit, books, and extra clothing. 

The small front pocket for easy access is for carrying a wallet, cash and cards. Someone may carry safety gadgets and tools to help themselves in difficult situations.

Do you know the best part? It has water-resistant interiors and is an anti-theft small backpack.


Buy Small Backpacks Online at Zouk

Functional, durable and amply sized, printed small backpacks are designed to look sleek, and stylish to enhance your everyday wear. 

Be it short hikes or cycling to a friend’s house, throw small backpacks over your shoulder and travel hassle-free. 

Small stylish backpacks tend to have fewer pockets and are more suitable for people who only carry a few things - like people going to yoga classes, gyms, coaching classes, restaurant hopping or birthday dine-outs. 

Zouk is a well-known cruelty-free brand where you can shop for the small backpacks online.

The best small backpacks at Zouk are -

Backpacks for Girls

Best For

FloMotif Backpack

Best overall

Tidal Wave Backpack

Best for everyday

AbstractAmaze Backpack

Best waterproof

Fairytale Backpack

Best fashionable

Tips for shopping Small Backpacks

Since everybody wants to prioritize things, small size backpacks have become a lot more prevalent. Small stylish backpack lets you carry only the important things. It represents your inner chic and outer personality. Small durable backpacks help in hands-free movement and easy carrying of things.

The right small durable backpacks should have the following things -

  • Lightweight so that you can reduce the overall weight you will carry
  • Functional and Fashionable
  • Ergonomic straps
  • Made of durable and quality material
  • Materials that are vegan and cruelty-free
  • Less bulky frame and clean design
  • A separate laptop space and separate space to hold liquids
  • Material should be waterproof
  • Suit most of your outfits

If you are looking for the latest trendy small backpacks having all of these and more, welcome to Zouk. 

Buy small backpacks online at Zouk that are functional and durable!

Styling Tips for Small Backpacks

Small backpacks are by far the most popular option for modern-day people.

Here are some styling tips from Zouk -

For Women :

  • If you have a relaxed winter morning ahead of you, pair your small backpack with a long grey cardigan, your favourite pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of white sneakers for a cozy and cute look.
  • In warmer climates, you can rock your cute small backpack with ankle boots and a t-shirt dress for a chic look.
  • If you own a printed small backpack, wear it with a neutral, monochromatic dress.
  • Busy days sometimes call for a simple outfit - a striped t-shirt paired with oversized jeans, sneakers, and a small backpack

For Men : 

  • For a relaxed day, consider wearing a white and navy horizontal striped crew-neck t-shirt and a small backpack.
  • For a cool and casual look, dress in a grey long sleeve t-shirt and a trendy small backpack.
  • The pairing of a violet suit and a small casual backpack will prove the quote - Fashion is all about being comfortable.
  • Try teaming a brown overcoat with a small backpack to achieve an interesting and off-duty outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most popular small backpacks 

Small backpacks are lightweight, simple, handy bags that are great for everyday use, whether it's to carry books or clothes or electronic devices.

Best small backpacks are 

  • Well-organized
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Fashionable

Buy the best small backpacks for everyday use from Zouk with a dash of vibrant colours, a pinch of class and a style that suits you well!


2. What small backpacks are in style for 2021?

Small backpacks are an excellent choice to conveniently carry your essential belongings around. Not only are they stylish, but they are also incredibly functional. Compartments along with a clean design and made from durable material, small backpacks are perfect for work, school, the gym, or traveling.


3. What is the price of a good small backpack?

Typical small backpacks are priced between Rs. 800 to 3000. If you are searching for the printed small backpacks online, Zouk is a good place. Our latest small backpacks are pocket-friendly and will fit your needs. We often run discounts and combo offers, that will further help in adding more to your collection.

4. Is it worth buying small backpacks online? 

Buy cool small backpacks because it saves a lot of time. One can easily browse through different online shops and e-commerce stores to select whatever they want within the shortest possible time. In a bid to attract more customers to buy their products, sellers tend to give out more discount deals and coupon codes. Buy affordable small backpacks online at Zouk from a large variety of options!

Zouk bags are PETA-approved Vegan. Vegan leather is versatile and eco-friendly. Made of vegan leather, you can get rid of dust, dirt and stains by simply wiping the bags’ exterior with a wet cloth.  

5. Which is the best small backpack offered by Zouk?

The best small backpacks offered by Zouk based on customer ratings are –


FloMotif Backpack | Tidal Wave Backpack | AbstractAmaze Backpack | Fairytale Backpack | HashBrown Backpack

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