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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do you mean by Vegan leather?

A: Traditional leather is based on animal skin. It is a complex process and there are multiple horrific videos of ill-treatment of animals to make this leather. 

Vegan leather is synthetically made leather. It is made via a chemical process, with no involvement of animals. This makes it a cruelty-free product. There are multiple types of vegan leather, such as faux leather or rexine. These are just different product types under the broader vegan leather category.


Q: Is animal-based leather a big deal?

A: It is a massive issue. There are some very horrific videos of how leather tanneries treat animals very badly in this entire process.

As a brand, we decided from start to choose more sustainable materials. We strongly believe that we have no right to hurt another animal to make our products.


Q: Is the quality of vegan leather and regular leather different?

A: We spent our first year to finding answers to this question. After a lot of research and by actually using vegan leather bags, we realized that there is broadly no difference in how a vegan leather bag functions, compared to animal-based leather. Certain subtle differences like the shine, texture and smell might sometimes vary, but those are easily manageable. We take care of many of these aspects in our own manufacturing facility, where we make these vegan leather bags by hand.


Question: What are the different types of vegan leather bags in this Zouk collection?

Answer: We have the following bag options in our vegan bags collection -

  • Vegan Laptop Bags
  • Vegan Office Bags for Women
  • Vegan Handbags
  • Vegan Backpacks