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Why shift to a Zouk Women's Office Bag?

Factors Zouk Women's Office Bag Other Bags
Laptop Fit
Fits upto a 15.6 inch laptop across Mac, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, ASUS
Most don't fit a laptop and hence require a separate laptop bag
100% vegan leather and handcrafted Indian fabrics with stylish prints
Made of animal-based leather and come in standard solid colours
Interiors Fits laptop and all daily essentials for working women. Slots that are thoughtfully crafted  Single main compartment and hence cannot organise items
Care Exteriors of the office bag can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth to remove any dust Office bags can not be cleaned with water, need special care.
Handles Double strapped long handle for ease of carrying Comes with small handles and very difficult to carry while traveling
Pairs well with western wear or office wear. It is suitable for office, travel, events.
Selectively pair with certain styles. Not suitable for travel and events.
High quality fabric and durable vegan leather, suited for rough use
Overly focussed on shiny aesthetics and hence tear off with regular use

More about our Women's Office Bags

The Office Bags for Women from Zouk is your ideal partner for daily use. The professional bag can be used as a tote bag or handbag based on the need.

This bag can fit up to a 14 inches laptop along with all your daily essentials. The bag is designed keeping in mind the needs of urban working women. The chain closure gives easy access and the double strap makes it easy to carry to the office every day. This super functional laptop plus office bag is also your ideal travel partner for short trips. The bag is made from vegan leather and comes in different prints and colors.

You can pair the bag with any outfit, traditional or western. This ladies' bag has a water-resistant inner lining and imported accessories, which makes it long-lasting and durable.

The bags are handcrafted with traditional Indian fabrics like Ikat, Jute, Khadi. The in-house prints on the bag make it unique and different from the boring black or brown everyday bags. The handbag combines style as well as being super functional. It is also an ideal gift for those joining a new job.

The best part of the office bag for women is it is Proudly Indian and 100% Vegan approved by PeTA. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Office Bags for Women

Q. What size of the laptop fits in this women's office bag?
A. This office bag for women fits laptops up to 15.6 inches. It can comfortably hold all laptops of sizes from 11 inches to 15.6 inches, given the laptop compartment comes with velcro.

Q. Is the women's office bag washable?
A. The office bag for women can be washed with a wet cloth on the fabric area and with cotton dipped in any edible or hair oil on the vegan leather part to remove any dirt.

Q. Are these ladies' office bags waterproof?
A. These office bags for ladies are water-resistant, which means the laptop bag can hold some water spillage for some time on the surface. Prolonged exposure to water will result in water getting in the bag.

Q. Is the shoulder strap adjustable?
A. No, the shoulder strap for this product is not adjustable.

Q. What all can the women's office bag hold?
A. This ladies' office bag can hold your laptop, charger, wallet, 1-2 books, keychain, small stationery, a medium-sized tiffin box, a small umbrella, one piece of cloth, and a small water bottle in one go.

Q. What is the weight of the women's office bag?
A. The empty office bag weighs less than 900 gms.

Q. What material is this office laptop bag for women made of?
A. This women's office bag is made of vegan leather and fabrics like Ikat, Jute, Khadi. All materials are sourced from different parts of India.

Q. How many compartments does the bag have?
A. The office bag has one main compartment, with a zip.