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Article: Women Power Series: Ankita - Content Director and Masterchef India chef

Featured Customer

Women Power Series: Ankita - Content Director and Masterchef India chef

Ankita Chakravarty aka 

@chefieankita is a superwoman! Content Director in the TV industry during weekdays and a freelance chef over weekends. In fact, she was even part of Masterchef India season 1. 

Women Power Series

We interacted with her to understand what #WomenPower and #EachforEqual means.

Here are her answers to our three questions:

Question 1: What do you do for a living? 

Answer: I am a freelance Chef in Food Media and I am a Director of travel, food and lifestyle content for television and web.


Question 2: Which is that one thing about being a woman which has helped you achieve success in your life?

Answer: I feel women have the gift of “understanding and maturity”. It’s no hidden fact that woman mature faster. We tend to bring with us this wisdom and patience in whatever we do. 


Question 3: Zouk’s theme this Women’s day is #eachforequal. What is that one thing which you feel should be equal for everyone, but is not for women?

Answer: “Pay” & “Respect”. Sexism is so apparent in the industry that it’s not even funny. There are certain cloud kitchens that refuse to hire woman even if you’re a good chef. And in media, I feel the tide is changing towards equality in all respects, but it’s still a long way to go.


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