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Article: Women Power Series: Parul - Java Developer to Marketing Manager

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Women Power Series: Parul - Java Developer to Marketing Manager

Parul Singh aka @versatilityprevails is an all-rounder: Yogini, Meditator, Blogger, Zumba Trainer, Engineer. Her secret - positive energy! 

Zouk Women Power Series 2020

We asked her more about #WomenPower and #EachforEqual. 

Here are her answers to our three questions:

Question 1: What do you do for a living?

Answer: I work in an IT firm, started as a java developer now a marketing manager.


Question 2: Which is that one thing about being a woman which has helped you achieve success in your life?

Answer: I think the empathy that women possess inherently is what we bring to the table even at work and that sets us apart. World is all about people and understanding, empathizing with them makes you a better boss.


Question 3: Zouk’s theme this Women’s day is #eachforequal. What is that one thing which you feel should be equal for everyone, but is not for women?

Answer: Right to choose relationship status. I think even today, as soon as you are maximum 25 yo in India, you are told that you need a man in life and that you need to get married or you won't get a good guy. Why is a woman considered incapable of evaluating what she needs? Why can she not decide like an adult when and who she wants to be married to.


When we make products, we typically make them to match someone's answers to these three questions. So, the three products that we felt mirrored these were:

  1. Our Messenger Bags with stripes that also have zeroes and ones existing together. For instance, check out the Ikat Black Striped Messenger Bag
  2. Our Sling Bags that are elegant but stands for poise and empathy. See our Mughal Motif Sling Bag
  3. Our Laptop Bags that is neutral and matches with all options, giving you the full freedom to choose what you wear and carry. We especially recommend the Black Metal Laptop Bag

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