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Article: Debolina Ghosh Dey's Superwoman is her Mother

Debolina Ghosh Dey's Superwoman is her Mother

My mother is my superwoman. She raised me in a very open way. She itself had a very horrible married life. My father used to torture her a lot. And she used to tolerate that before but suddenly she woke up and made a decision to leave that monster forever. I always salute her for this action. I was happy that she was not under any pressure and took decision for own. My mom is the super beautiful person in this world. She always taught me to fight back. Do not tolerate anything bad.
Live your life as your own terms. Be free be happy and be confident. I am proud to be her daughter. Love you Maa."


We need more women like her in this world, we wish you all the very best.


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