Kavya Nayak's Superwoman is her Mom

My superwoman is my mom. She has carried out roles of being both my mom and dad, when my father was away earning us bread and butter. Even though she hailed from a rural area in Karnataka, she managed herself with us alone for around a decade in Mumbai in the 90s.

She ensured that we never left out of home on a empty stomach even at as early as 6 am in the morning.She is the epitome of gentleness, motherhood, unlimited love, selflessness, and care. She never saw her mother in her life. Never experienced what motherhood is like yet excellently became a mother for whom we are short of words. ❤🤗
She is an excellent homemaker, who puts everyone's needs before her's. So yes, she is the superwoman for me."

More strength and power to you and your mother.


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