Our bag of Free Online Games to beat Corona virus lockdown

The Corona Virus bug has hit every home hard. With the lockdown, everyone is at home and trying to find multiple ways to beat it. While we can't meet friends and the number of activities are low, we found some interesting free online games that you can play with friends. 

We recommend that you run a parallel video call, so that you can interact, trash talk, pass comments and make it more lively. 

Here are our three free online games:

Game 1: Code Names

    Objective: 2 teams split between Blue & Red words. The first team to guess all their words win. Detailed rules here.
    Duration of a game: 45-60 mins
    Add-on: Lots of trash talk on a group video call

    Code Names

    Game 2: Online Pictionary

    Objective: One person draws and others guess. Fastest finger wins. 
    Duration of a game: 60 mins (for 8 rounds)
    Add-on: Keep your video call on and everyone rates the other's drawing skills

    Below is a bag I drew by the way, to explain "designer bag"

    Zouk on Pictionary


    Game 3: Online Ludo

    Objective: Same old ludo. Rules here 
    Duration of a game: 30-60 mins
    Add-on: Let someone take the lead and then pray they are stuck at the end

    Ludo King