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Article: Our bag of Homely Food Recipe Experts to follow

Zouk Guide

Our bag of Homely Food Recipe Experts to follow

Dalgona coffee and Banana cakes look great on Instagram. They taste delicious and everyone seems to be enjoying it. Yet, when it comes to actually making it, everything is a challenge. You need the ingredients, time and patience. 
For your daily meals, you need something more homely to cook and consume. So, we can attempt to become the next Masterchef's over the weekends. But for weekdays, we need tips on more homely food options.
To help you during this lockdown period, we have identified food experts for you to follow. The food looks great and also tastes great. We gave each of them a try and everyone loved it. The best part - the ingredients are easy to get.
Here is our list -

1. Slurrpilicious

Bhaswati B calls out that Easy & delicious is her thing. That definitely is the case.
She has recipes ranging from Moong dosas to Soya Pulao to even Hummus! We recommend the following -
  • Ease into your Monday blues with the Coriander Rice. That looks so yummy that it is bound to go well with everyone.
  • Beat the summer with her Watermelon Lemonade recipe.
  • Go for the Hummus over the long weekend, since restaurants are not opening soon.
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2. MyPaleoDays

Surekha A aims to inspire a healthy lifestyle. She loves food and is also a physiotherapist. We bet you want to get more advice from her on good homely food recipes.

The range of recipes spread across Ragi rolls to Mutter Paneer. The ones we recommend are -
  • The 2 minute microwave mug cake! You will have one awesome treat (and one very messy mug to wash later).
  • A Meth Meth Dosa on Saturday for breakfast will definitely add some colour
  • Make the magical mango pickle and add that to the menu for all meals this weekend
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3. MasalaMojo

Nisha Sharma is a full-time digital marketer and a part-time food blogger! Wearing these two hats, she has some great recipes to help cook up a quick, tasty meal.

Her range of recipes spread across Thai Red Curry to Carrot Madeleines. The ones we recommend are -
  • Bhindi Do Pyaaza (Ladies Finger Vegetable) for that Saturday lunch is perfect
  • Jowar Dosa and Tomato Chutney for the Sunday morning breakfast
  • Gujarati Dhokla to go with that Sunday matinee show on TV
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We hope this helps you prepare more interesting and homely dishes. If you have any other suggestions, do write to us at

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