Gaariammai Reddy's Superwoman is her Elder Sister

My Superwoman would bey elder sister. She means everything to me. She is my mother, she is my father, she is my teacher, she is my Best friend, she is my advisor and many more. I remember each and every moment that I spent with her since my childhood. When every mom falls sick she was the one who used to take care of me and my younger sister. I can just say that I LOVE HER and she'll always be my first priority throughout life. Finally I would say that I MISS HER coz her doesn't stay in India

I won't say that she has done some extra ordinary things to be a Superwoman, but I can just say that she'll always a Superwoman for me and my younger sister."


The small things in life makes a big impact on ones life and to all of us who look up to our superwoman's.


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