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Article: Aishwarya's Superwomen are her Mom and Grandmom

Aishwarya's Superwomen are her Mom and Grandmom

Heyy Zouk, love your collections ❤

I was raised in a middle class background among two very strong and inspiring women. Every woman is a superwoman and I have not just one but two living with me, my mother and my grandmother. Maa, she my strength and my weakness. She is just an epitome of tolerance because even if my keys are in the stand and I create a mess looking for it everywhere but the key stand, she would just give it to me with a smile on her face.

I keep telling her that she should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for keeping the family together after giving up so much in life. Next in line is my grandmother, she turned 81 this year and she's fit as a fiddle. The one thing that leaves me awestruck every time I think of her is her level of patience and her will power. Even when she lost her husband, she stood strong and moved on in life without shedding a tear unnecessarily.

These two women are my superwomen because they are always there for my rescue and there's so much to learn from them. I'm blessed."


To all the pillar of our strength everywhere, we love you and look upto you all our lives. A Zouk special Happy Women's Day salute to you. 

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