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Article: Which Types of Footwear Go Best With Formals

Which Types of Footwear Go Best With Formals

Whenever we have to get ready for an event, we tend to focus on all the things in the world starting from our outfits, to our accessories, hair, and makeup everything, but often tend to neglect the footwear we need to wear at an event. You even might be able to manage with some last-minute adjustment when you’re styling casual clothes but when it comes to formal footwear not so much. You can’t just throw on any footwear and call it a day. This is why having a pair or two of formal footwear in your closet is a must. What does formal footwear mean? Does it mean wearing only blacks and browns? Or is it only limited to wearing stilettos? If you think all of that is true. I’m here to burst your myths.

Here's a list of footwear types that you must have in your closet so that you never have to panic last minute.


Bellies are one pair of footwear that is the textbook definition of formal. If you are confused and don’t know what to do. Shut your eyes and choose bellies. These are simple, structured, sharp, and secure from all sides to give you that extra comfort all day long. These can be styled with western as well as Indian fits. Get yourself a pair of classic Jet Black Office Bellies and rock that formal look effortlessly every day!


Mules are backless shoes that aren’t constrained around the foot's heel so you can slide your foot in comfortably without any stress or anything getting in the way. If you are someone who doesn’t like their ankle tied, or tends to get blisters easily near their heel area mules are gonna be your best friend. These are super stylish at the same time very formal for when you don’t want your shoe to look extremely loud. The pointed toe detail adds that extra definition to the footwear, which makes your shoe and overall look much more structured and tailored. If you choose to wear a classic blue pantsuit, you can simply style it with an Andaman Marine Knotted Mule and you’re ready to take over that meeting!


When you want to style formals, having neutrals in your wardrobe is a must. Why neutrals? Formals are generally more professional, subtle, and structured. When you have to style something like that, you can’t always wear excessively design-heavy or work-heavy footwear. Neither will you have each and every color of footwear like your dress in your wardrobe. This is where neutral colors come to your rescue. Having a pair of at least one of each black, blue, beige, and grey formal sandals is good enough as a starting point when you don’t know what to do. Picking formal sandals for ladies can be a little confusing sometimes, trust the process and choose neutrals.

Comfort is a Priority

Formal footwear is generally known to be uncomfortable as if the shoe is biting and pricking you constantly. Well, gurl if a shoe does not provide you with comfort, it’s not worth investing in. Especially when you plan on wearing those high heels, you can’t be in pain all the time. So, choosing a pair that’s comfortable, the right size, and the correct heel height is significant. Our sandals are made for utmost comfort with specially designed soft insoles so that you never have to worry about your feet hurting.


When you’re looking for formal shoes. Sandals can never miss the list. Sandals aren’t just limited to being that basic footwear with a few straps to secure your feet but are now designer and absolutely stunning. We’re over the rainy sandals already it’s time for the new

Gladiator sandals have a pointed toe, structured cut and generally have a fancy wrapping pattern till the ankle, sometimes even going all the way up to one’s calves

These are the more simple, more subtle, and slightly casual kinds of sandals for when you want to dress down your formal look.

These are the most unique kinds of sandals. They’re modern with a little touch of traditional. The t design and the roman strap detail makes it rooted in our old tradition of wearing footwear. So, when in doubt investing in a T-strap sandal is the answer.

We’re living in a time when fashion is ever-evolving. New trends hit the market every day, but a true sense of personal style is when you feel good and comfortable in what you wear. Formals are not limited to just pumps and shoes anymore, sandals and flats of them can be styled with your formal look. With Zouk’s collection of formal chappals, you don’t have to go anywhere else, we have everything in store for your favorite formal looks!

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