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Article: How to Choose the Best Sandals for Your Feet


How to Choose the Best Sandals for Your Feet

Sandals are like that comfort footwear you can wear on almost any and every occasion. Ranging from casual walking, and running errands to even running in the rain or the sunny season. As soon as sweater weather comes to an end, we all know we’re gonna ditch the big fat boots and switch back to the old, breezy solid sandals. Although sandals are one of the most functional footwear throughout the year, choosing the perfect pair for your feet can be a bit of a challenge in itself.

It is easier to find the right pair or sometimes even work with not the most perfect pair when it comes to shoes or boots as first, it is closed from all directions so even if it isn’t the perfect pair, you can wear insoles, thick socks or some other hack to make use of it. But when it comes to sandals, the design lacks a little bit of structure. It is generally more open, and less secure than a traditional pair of shoes which is why having the right fit is extremely essential and difficult to find.

Don’t worry, there’s always a solution. It’s not the easiest but if you keep a few things in mind, you sure wouldn’t be this confused and lazy about the process. Rather you’ll end up buying the best design and the most flattering one for your feet.

Wear the Right Size

This is obvious yet so many of us aren’t able to pick the right size for ourselves. How much ever good-looking the sandal maybe if it isn’t the right size, it is not going to look flattering on your feet. Just because you like a pair doesn’t mean you buy a size smaller because your size is out of stock, you and I both know you’re gonna regret it later. Here are a few things that will help you figure out whether you have the right size for your feet or not.

  • The right size won’t make you feel uncomfortable
  • Your toe or heel won’t pop off the shoe
  • There wouldn’t be more than half a finger worth of gap on the sides

If the shoe is too tight, you’re going to end up with a blister, and if your shoe is moving around a bit too much because it's bigger than your foot size, you will end up with a shoe bite. Either way both of these are a no-go!

Pick the Right Material

This is another one of the obvious things that I need not mention but here we go. Just like any other footwear the material of your sandal is also extremely important. For example, if you’re looking for everyday wear sandals making sure that the rubber or straps don’t dig into your skin and bruise you with excessive walking is necessary. Similarly, when you’re going for a dressier event going for good quality leather or good quality synthetics would be ideal. Whatever the event may be the sole purpose of your sandal is to provide you with the right kind along with comfort.

Purpose and Usage

Buying a sandal just because you find it cute isn’t always the best way to evaluate the functionality of the footwear. You must know what is the purpose of the footwear in order to use it to its best capacity. If you’re buying sandals for hiking or sports events, it must have good quality grip and inner soles or they wouldn’t serve the purpose. The purpose of a sandal that you’ll be wearing will be different with every event and occasion hence knowing where you’ll wear it, for how long you’ll wear and what work you’ll do wearing them would sort out that confusion.

Ankle Support

This is something that differs from person to person. If you’re someone that requires back support to walk or prefers having their ankle secure mules sandals are not something that you should go for. At the same time if you’re a girl on the go who just likes sliding her foot into her sandals or has medical issues like heal pain you must choose a sandal without any ankle support and memory foam or anything that is compatible with your feet. This is another reason why trying out footwear before purchasing them is extremely important

Comfort and Cushioning

This is just another additional point to ankle support. No investment is a good investment if it doesn’t feel comfortable on your feet. Good cushioning, soft material something like a memory foam could be extremely helpful when you have to run in them for long hours. If not eliminate completely a comfortable cushioning will help you ease and minimize the pain that other fancy but uncomfortable sandals would cause you.

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