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Article: Tricks to Keep Your Wedding Shoes from Killing Your Feet

Tricks to Keep Your Wedding Shoes from Killing Your Feet

It’s the wedding season around the corner, and you know what that means lots of dancing, pretty outfits, super extra functions, and lots and lots of chaos. But what really are Indian functions without some chaos right?

During the wedding time, everyone’s super pumped and excited to wear their favorite lehengas and shararas, get dressed, look extra and enjoy themselves to the fullest and you know you can't forget to wear your dancing shoes right? But in between all the enthusiasm and all this mess we forget to take care of our feet and by the end of it all we either end up with a sprained ankle or swollen feet. To avoid all of these mishaps you must pay equal if not more attention to choosing the right pair of wedding shoes to keep them from killing your feet. So if that’s what you’re worried about you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to keep your feet pain-free yet stylish looking this wedding season

Ankle Support

If you’re someone who has achy feet, ditch the heels and stick to something that has ankle support. You can go for bellies or sandals whatever you choose make sure you’re feet are protected from the front and the back so you can dance your heart out without feeling any pain

Wear Them Out

When you don’t wear your heels or structured footwear very often it gets difficult to get in and who likes wearing a shoe that fits them like gloves? To avoid that try out your chappals a day or two prior, and walk in them for around half an hour or some so that they’re not so constricted on THE DAY!

The Right Fit for Your Feet

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right size for your feet. If you aren’t wearing the right size you are bound to invite trouble. Shoes that are too tight will bite your skin or give you a rash, whereas if the shoes are loose, they’ll rub against your skin and give you blisters both of which you do not want if you want to really have fun at the wedding. If you’re someone with broad but long feet, forcing yourself to fit into a pair of extremely structured bellies wouldn’t be ideal. Rather going for something that is a bit more relaxed on design and lets your feet breathe like mules would save you from discomfort and pain.

Add Deodorant

Applying something like deodorant to your sandals can be extremely lubricating and helpful in keeping your feet hydrated and fresh. What that will do is also provide your feet a shield to protect them from any irritation.

Keep a Pair of Flats Handy

If you’re one of those girls who cannot do without wearing heels on dressy occasions, do your feet a favor and carry a pair of embellished sliders in case it gets difficult to walk in, this way you look stylish at the same time you give your feet some rest as well.

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