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Article: How to Store Handbag

How to Store Handbag

They say “She carries her entire world in her handbag”, they aren’t so wrong, are they? A man’s wallet is a women’s bag. It’s a lady’s most prized possession, for multiple reasons, not just one. It’s a beautiful accessory to add to her overall look, she can carry all of her essentials in it lastly different bags have different functionality for different occasions. But a lot of times this joy doesn’t last very long as the bags either get spoilt due to poor storage or are just thrown away in one corner of the room because there is no place to store them. If you’re also someone who struggles to store their bags and doesn’t know how to store handbags properly, don’t worry now that wouldn’t be a problem. Here’s a list of things to follow as to how to store bags in the most efficient way possible.

Organize Your Bags

First and the most important thing before you start storing your bags is their organization of them. You need to categorically organize your bags and put all of them together in groups. All the sling bags and small bags are on one side, and all the big bags and tote bags are on the other. You can also organize them on the basis of colors and textures for an easier storage process.

Find a Space That is Accessible & Spacious

Second to organizing is finding the right space to store your bags. You can’t be storing them on that top corner of the cupboard that is too far above because you’ll eventually end up not going for it and avoid choosing the ones on top. Another thing that we naturally tend to do is get too lazy to put it up on the shelves so we just throw them around in the room. This is why a simple solution to this problem is to make space that is easily accessible to you.

Invest in Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are lifesavers when it comes to bag storage. Something like laptop bags or tote bags can also be kept upright and separated using shelf dividers. If your closet has loads of shelf space, these will help you manage the area well. Your complete handbag collection, including the smaller bags that could otherwise get stacked in a storage container, can be seen at once thanks to shelf dividers.


These are the easiest quick fix for when you already have your cupboard or shelf space filled. All you have to do is purchase a few hooks and put them on the insides of your cabinets or the back of your door. This way you can hang all of your big shoulder bags or small ones without any fuss.

Boxes, Magazine Holders & More

The most practical and functional answer to how to store handbags properly is to use what you already have in the house. It can be a bookshelf that’s empty, an old shoe or bag box that is empty, or magazine holders to store your tiny clutches. Use the stuff around you for the best utilization of space and optimum storage!

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