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Article: How to Maintain Handbags

How to Maintain Handbags

To a woman's bag, a man's wallet is. It's a woman's most valued asset for many, not just one, reason. She can carry all of her essentials in it, it's a lovely addition to her outfit, and lastly, various bags serve varied purposes depending on the situation. They aren't entirely wrong when they remark, "She carries her entire world in her handbag," are they?   But frequently, this happiness is short-lived because the bags don't survive for very long. I agree it can be a little tricky to maintain bags but it’s definitely not impossible. By following a few simple methods, we can increase the shelf life of our bags by a mile. 

Clean your Handbag

Before that tote bag goes into your cupboard it needs to be cleaned. Wipe them off with a dry towel or a slightly wet cloth whatever suits you best and only then put it up in the storage closet. If you do not clean your bag and just store it with all that dust on it, naturally your bag will react to that and get spoilt quicker than it actually should.

Avoid Putting Heavy Things On It

If you want your bag to hold up to its original shape for months and years, one thing you must not do to prevent that is put heavy objects on it. If you keep on throwing heavy things in your everyday office bag there’s a chance that it will take a different shape due to the object placed on it.

Let Them Breathe

We oftentimes think that if bags are stored in the cupboard or a plastic bag, they’re the most protected in this situation. That unfortunately isn’t so true always. Sometimes that shoulder bag of yours just needs some air and space to breathe. A huge reason why the skin of a bag gets spoilt is also due to the lack of air and suffocation it’s been through for months and months in that corner of the cupboard you totally forgot.

Understand Your Bag

What this means is you need to treat the bag as per the requirement of the material, form, and size. Not every bag’s maintenance is the same. For example, a leather tote bag will do perfectly fine even if it's kept in the cupboard for months and only cleaned once in a while. But at the same time, a rexine material bag will get spoilt if not checked upon every few months.

Keep it Away From Sunlight

Sun might be your best friend when you wanna click cute pictures but when it comes to exposing your bag to sunlight for too long? Not so much. Leaving your sling bag out in the sunlight for an extended period of time can harm it to quite an extent. Keeping it in a place with low humidity and away from direct sunlight would be ideal to prevent it from fading. If a bag is hit with direct sunlight for too long there’s a high chance discoloration may happen.

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