Laptop Bags
Laptop Bags
Zouk FloMotif Laptop Bag - Front

FloMotif Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
WavBeach Laptop Bag from Zouk

WavBeach Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
FloLov Laptop Bag

FloLov Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Mughal Motif Laptop Bag - Front

Mughal Motif Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
laptop bags for women - spacechakra
Print of the Week

Space Chakra Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Lattice Lace Laptop Bag

Lattice Lace Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Abstract Amaze Laptop Bag

Abstract Amaze Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Taj Guldasta Laptop Bag
New Print

Taj Guldasta Laptop Bag

Rs. 2,399 Rs. 4,863
Bidri Kaiser Laptop Bag
New Print

Bidri Kaiser Laptop Bag

Rs. 2,399 Rs. 4,863
Taj Nakashi Laptop Bag
New Print

Taj Nakashi Laptop Bag

Rs. 2,399 Rs. 4,863
Jaipur Fresco Blue Laptop Bag

Jaipur Fresco Blue Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Chanderi Phool Laptop Bag

Chanderi Phool Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Zouk African Art Laptop Bag

African Art Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Ikat Jet Blue Laptop Bag

Ikat Jet Blue Laptop Bag

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 4,863
Kolkata Nouveau Laptop Bag

Kolkata Nouveau Laptop Bag

Rs. 2,399 Rs. 4,863

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Why shift to a Zouk laptop bag?

Factors Zouk Laptop Bags Other Bags
Laptop Fit Fits upto a 15.6 inch laptop across Mac, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, ASUS Comes in standard sizes and hence not compatible if you upgraded your laptop
Exteriors 100% vegan leather and handcrafted Indian fabrics with stylish prints Boring black or brown bags made of animal-based leather or cheap quality polyester
Interiors Padded laptop compartment, Water resistant inner linings and useful slots for pens, keys Most bags have a single main compartment, no proper slots to keep regular items of use.
Care Exteriors can be easily cleaned with wet cloth Leather bags can not be cleaned with water
Handles Comes with two handles. Short one for ease of carry and long handle with padded sleeve for longer travel time Comes with either short or long handle. Most bags do not have both the handles
Styling Pairs well with western wear or office wear. It is suitable for office, travel, events These bags mostly come in black or brown colours and making it suitable only for office use
Durability High quality fabric and durable vegan leather, suited for rough use Typical polyester bags tend to tear of with regular use

Get Laptop Bags that make you look good every day at Zouk!

With workdays and commutes being chaotic and hectic (almost as if by rule), working women need the right tools to help them get through the workday smoothly, with minimum hassle.

In today’s tech-focused world, a laptop is a fixture in the working woman’s arsenal. Of course, carrying a laptop to and from the office every day is no easy task (those things can be heavy!) without a durable bag with ample space. 

Then again, since most bags for laptop tend to have somewhat boring, run-of-the-mill designs, they tend to put a damper on your everyday wardrobe. But just because you’re going to work doesn’t mean you have to look dull, does it?

Now, good laptop bags aren’t easy to find. But what if you could get laptop bags that have plenty of space to carry everything you need, are materially resistant to everyday use, and cater to the fashionista in you, thanks to its Indian, unique yet sophisticated designs?

And that’s where Zouk comes in! Shop for good bags for laptops from the Zouk website.

Find the best bags for laptops at Zouk!

You’ll find the best laptop bags at Zouk. Have a look at our distinct designs meant to brighten up your workday. 

Some of the best and latest laptop bags from Zouk are:

And these just scratch the surface of our collection. Look through Zouk’s diverse catalogue of affordable laptop bags that will turn heads at your office and keep you looking good throughout the day. With our prices, you won’t have to search for a laptop bags sale to get a good deal.

Get attractive laptop bag deals on Zouk!

When looking for laptop bags online, Zouk is your final answer. What’s more, the laptop bags’ price on Zouk will blow your mind and keep coming back for more! If you are worried about laptop bags’ cost, you won’t have to after you see our prices.

Buy laptop bags online from Zouk!

Buy Laptop Bags Online at Zouk 

Getting an amazing laptop bag to spice up your everyday look is now just a few clicks away! Just log onto the Zouk website, select the bag (or bags) that catch your fancy, and click on Add to Cart. 

Purchase laptop bags online effortlessly. The best laptop bags offers are waiting for you! Check out our unbelievable discount on laptop bags, and pick out your favorites. 

Finding good laptop bags online was never this easy!

Where can you take your brand new laptop bags from Zouk?

The answer is…..anywhere! Zouk’s one-of-a-kind designs make our bags a perfect fit for every occasion. It doesn’t just have to be the office. You can take one of Zouk’s laptop bags (even without the laptop in it) on your next weekend trip. 

Planning a long weekend at Goa on Thursday evening? Just grab your favorite outfits, your makeup essentials and whatever else you need. You can slip a lot of those essentials into your Zouk laptop bag. 

Why shift to a Zouk Laptop Bag?

A look through the qualities and features of Zouk bags will reveal why we undoubtedly have the best laptop bags online:

  • Zouk laptop bags are spacious enough to fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop.
  • Our bags are big enough to fit a laptop as well as the everyday essentials for working women. No need to sacrifice convenience for style.
  • All Zouk bags come in stylish patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. 
  • They are manufactured from 100% vegan leather, which is good for the environment and prevents animal cruelty. 
  • Every bag comes with two handles that make it easy to carry. The short handle is for easy carrying, while the long handle with a padded sleeve is convenient for carrying during longer travel times. 
  • Stylistically, Zouk bags go perfectly with casual wear, festive outfits and office wear. You can take your Zouk bag to work, on trips with friends, or to events that require a little dressing up. 
  • Since our bags are made from high-quality fabric and durable vegan leather, they can endure everyday, rough use and still look good and stay intact. 
  • It’s easy to clean Zouk bags. Just wipe the exterior with a wet cloth to remove dust/dirt, and you’re good to go!

With these handy attributes and attractive ladies laptop bags prices, Zouk laptop bags are guaranteed to be exactly what the modern working woman is looking for. 

With these handy attributes and attractive laptop bags’ price online, Zouk is your online laptop bags’ shopping destination for sure. 

You’ll find the best laptop bag deals on Zouk too. Our bags also make great gifts! Whether it be your mother, wife, partner, relative or friend, the women in your life will love getting one of our lovingly crafted and reasonably priced bags for laptops.

Purchase laptop bags from Zouk as gifts for every occasion. You can also check out our exquisite collection of accessories comprising scarves, pouches, and wallets. Your laptop bag, wristwatch, and wallet have a lot to say about your personality, so make sure you make the right first impression wherever you go. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Laptop Bags

1. What are the best laptop bags?

The best laptop bags are strong, durable, spacious and fashionable. They can carry the largest laptops available, carry essentials other than the laptop (wallet, documents, water bottle, mask, etc.) and match perfectly with your outfits every day. They are utilitarian, fun, quirky and functional at the same time. So anyone who is laptop bag shopping must keep these qualities and aspects in mind when looking for one.

2. How to choose the right laptop bag?

Anyone looking for the latest laptop bags online must take the following into account - space, tough, sturdy (especially to India weather and commutes) and style.

This is why Zouk bags are the best choice for laptop bags deals. Not only are Zouk laptop bags built for rough use, but they are also eye-catching and visually impressive.

Zouk’s laptop bags are unique. If you want to shop laptop bags, you’ll only find the most interesting designs that stand out and convey a sense of personal style at Zouk. Our fashion-and-environment-friendly products are not just pleasing to the eye, but also perfectly built for day-to-day usage. 

Additionally, products at the Zouk store are available at attractive discounts. Zouk offers gorgeous laptop bags at prices you wouldn’t believe! Just have a look at our laptop bag price list for yourself and be amazed!

3. What is the price of a good laptop bag?

A good laptop bag should not be priced too low or too high. Good materials can be expensive, and so is the expert craftsmanship which leads to the creation of beautiful bags fit for daily use. At Zouk, we meet both these standards without overcharging our customers. Our laptop bags are priced reasonably for their quality and aesthetics. Additionally, we offer mind-bending discounts that will keep your pockets happy! 

Scroll below to look at Zouk’s laptop bags price list for the best deals today!

4. Are laptop bags of good quality?

Many laptop bags for women are made of animal-based leather. As per many studies conducted by reputed NGOs in the animal rights space, they have found that this for of leather involves a lot of animal cruelty. Also, they difficult to clean, i.e. you can’t wipe leather with a wet cloth. 

Zouk bags are 100% PeTA approved vegan and cruelty-free. Since they are made of vegan leather,  it is also easy to clean using a wet cloth. 

Shop laptop bags online at Zouk!

5. How do I know what size laptop bag to buy?

Measure the size of your laptop, and look for bags that will fit its measurements. Zouk laptop bags can fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop, which means you won’t have to worry about your device not being able to fit into it.

Use our Zouk Women's Laptop Bag Guide to buy online with ease.


Product queries about Zouk Laptop Bags

Q. What laptop size fits in this laptop bag?

A. These laptop bags can hold all laptops of sizes from 11 inches to 15.6 inches. 

Q. Is the laptop bag washable?

A. The laptop bag can be washed with a wet cloth on the fabric area and with a cotton dipped in any edible or hair oil on the vegan leather part to remove any dirt.

Q. Are the laptop bags waterproof?

A. Zouk laptop bags are water-resistant, which means the laptop bag can hold some water spillage for some time on the surface. Prolonged exposure to water will result in water getting inside the bag.

Q. Is the shoulder strap adjustable?

A. Yes the side shoulder strap is adjustable

Q. What are the things that the laptop bag can hold?

A. A laptop bag can hold your laptop, charger, wallet, 1-2 books, keychain, small stationery, medium-sized tiffin box, and a small umbrella in one go. 

Q. What is the weight of the laptop bag?

A. The empty laptop bag weighs less than 800gms.

Q. What material is the laptop bag made of?

A. The laptop bag is made of vegan leather and fabrics like Ikat, Jute, and khadi. All materials are sourced from various parts of India.

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Laptop Bags Price List

 Laptop Bags  Price (Rs.)
FloMotif Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Ikat Arrow Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Ikat GreRe Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Jet Black Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Ikat Print Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Mughal Motif Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Tidal Wave Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Lattice Lace Laptop Bag Rs. 1,999.00
Note: Actual prices of products on the product detail pages may vary from prices mentioned above. Please visit the product detail pages for the latest prices.