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Article: How to Tie a Hair Scarf


How to Tie a Hair Scarf

Scarves have been in use since time immemorial, Men and women have worn scarves for generations. Despite being associated with women's clothing nowadays, they were used as "sweat towels" in Ancient Rome to keep cool and dry sweat. Eventually around the 19th-century scarf started to be used as an accessory for fashion and various styles.

Whenever we think about styling scarves the first thought people have is to wrap it around their neck in the traditional style, but let me jog your memory and remind you how our Bollywood heroines tied polka dots scarves around their heads with the ends suspended to fall on both sides, what we also call vintage fashion.

Scarves can be tied in various ways around their hair and for various cultural, geographical, and fashion reasons. Here are a few ways you can nail the hair tie game.

How to Tie a Hair Scarf as a Hairband

You can do this in two ways. First being the thin hairband and the other being the thick one. If you’re someone who likes a thin hairband style, take one end of the Mewari Royalty scarf, start folding it with a tiny margin and do that till the end of the scarf. Once you’ve rolled the scarf all you have to do is to place it on top of your head, take it all the way below and tie a small knot under your neck. You can do the same thing with bigger width while folding and you make yourself a thick hairband.

Now if you’re not into the monotonous hairband style, you can tie it in reverse where the broad part goes at the bottom and the knot at the top.

How to Wear a Hair Scarf in a Bandana Fashion

This is the simplest one to follow so if you’re a beginner you can start experimenting. To wear the scarf in a bandana style, take your favorite Agartala Florals Scarf and fold it into a triangle. Take both ends, place the broadest part near your crown area, and then by leaving a little bit of hair near the forehead just tie the two ends at the back of your head. Viola! Here’s your bandana style ready.

The Complete Head Cover Style

The complete head covering or hijab style is basically a way of covering their hair in a way that the entire hair is covered. This is generally followed by women who follow the religion of Islam or other cultural rules. In this case, people generally wear an under cap to secure their hair in place. Once you’re done doing that. Place the beautiful floral Umaid Batik scarf on your head, pull it up to your forehead, take one end near your ear, tighten it from all directions, and once it's secure, take the longer side pull it under the chin, and bring it over the head in a complete circle and tuck it under the chin or secure it with a pin. This might seem a little complicated at the start but once you get your hands warmed up, you’ll be able to do that in the blink of an eye.

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