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Article: Make Mother's Day a happy one this CoVid season

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Make Mother's Day a happy one this CoVid season

Most of us are at home, hoping things get better, given the CoVid situation. Some of us are with our Mother while others are at home away from home and miss our Mother.

As 10th May is Mother's Day, we have a few ideas for you to make the day special.


Ideas for those living living away from their mother

  • Video Call - You do Zoom calls with your office colleagues and friends. Now its time to do video calls with your mother. You can start easy with a WhatsApp video call or go advanced with doing a Zoom or Google Meet call. Patiently teach them how to setup the call and have fun.
  • Watch something together - Start a movie or a YouTube video together and watch it together, at your own place. The chit chatter and the gossip can happen in between over a call, while the movie runs in parallel. Make sure you do not pause for taking a call or doing some chores. 
  • Make a handmade card online - Go digital on this one. Make a fun Happy Mother's Day card, with a note. Write something special. Think of one of your oldest memories with your mom and pen that down. We are sure she will feel happy. Even better - ask her the oldest memories and we are sure you will both have a smile by the end of it.
  • Wear a dress she gifted you - Wear something that she gave you and share a picture. Maybe even wear this for the video call. We know you miss your mother but don't let the shutdown dissuade you from feeling close to her. 
  • Gift her a Zouk bag - We can't ship at the moment, but as soon as the lockdown rules are lifted, we can ensure the gift handbag for your mother reaches her first. 

Ideas for those living with their mother

  • Bake a Cake - There are lots of elaborate recipes online to make a cake. The easiest would be making a waffle, if you have a waffle maker. An easier one could you toasting bread, applying dollops of jam and adding a candle on top. Do what you can to make it special for her.
  • Watch a Movie together - Maybe you have different tastes but we are sure you can find a common ground. The best way to reach there - ask her what she wants to watch.
  • Try a Selfie Photoshoot - You might have tons of funny selfies with your friends trying different poses. This time, do a selfie photoshoot with your mother. Try different selfies in different seasons, make believe occasions and have a laugh riot seeing them all together later. You can even recreate some scenes from old photographs. Tag them as the "Kodak moment". 
  • Bring her bed tea/coffee - Nothing beats making the day special more than bringing bed tea or coffee. Let the day start with a bang and she will feel special.
  • Shop together for a Zouk wallet - Time to take her "online" shopping and get her female wallet gift. Deliveries will happen after shipping restarts from our Mumbai warehouse but we will make we sure we send it first up. 

If you have any other ideas, please do share them with pictures at We would love to share them with our followers. 

Make her day special. It is after all, Happy Mother's Day!

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