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Article: Our bag of Comic Artists to follow

Zouk Guide

Our bag of Comic Artists to follow

This is the third part of our series, where we are sharing some experts to follow digitally across different fields. 

In this post, we have found some interesting comic artists to follow on Instagram.

Comics are truly breathtaking - in a static image, they convey a story. Some of the biggest movies in recent years are adapted for comics, drawn by the legends. For example, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman and others) was the creation of Stan Lee. 

As we spend more time digitally, we love photographs, recipes, videos and music. However, another great form of digital delight could be checking out some comics. 

We have curated a few interesting comic artists to follow.

1. Comikaly

Comikaly has interesting short stories, connecting closely to our daily lives. They do an amazing job of capturing our thoughts and dreams, during our routine busy lives. 

We especially loved the one about a Diet (note: this is a animated video) and the one about the Sweet Potato (not connected to the diet - check it out to know more about what we mean). 

With 340 posts, Comikaly has over 51K followers already. The target is 60K followers and we are sure it will reach there very soon. 

Zouk Comikaly

Hit Follow right away!


2. Cappuchinnu

Cappuchinnu is the creation of Sushmita Rao. She describes herself as a comic artist surviving her Mondays with lots of coffee. 

We could directly relate to many of her stories. For example, her depiction of things forgotten during the quarantine is hilarious. Another one depicting our Super Woman mother was touching. 

Cappuchinnu has over 34K followers and is growing fast. One can also contribute, to support her and become a Super Chinnu. Check here.

Zouk Cappuchinnu

Follow Cappuchinnu right away!


If you have any more suggestions, please do write to us and we would love to share them with a wider audience. 

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