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Article: Namita's Superwoman is her Mom

Namita's Superwoman is her Mom

My Superwoman is none other than my Mom!! 
She is a home maker who devoted her life to raising her children, taking care of her parents, in laws and husband all with a smile on her face. She budgets, accounts, shops, cooks, cleans and most of all makes everyone of our lives amazing! 
Yes!! She is my superwoman! Now that i am a mom myself i strive to be like her but hey she is the Best!!!!"


To all the mothers in this world, more love and respect.


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Vidya Hugar's Superwoman is her Mom

My mom @laks has always been my role model. She fought breast cancer like a bold lady and even after losing her feminine part, she still flaunts li...

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Shireo's Superwoman is her Mom

My superwomen is MY MOM .... I admire how she handles everything in her day to day life.She is very talented &very very creative ! She cooks 🏽!...

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