Vidya Hugar's Superwoman is her Mom

My mom @laks has always been my role model. She fought breast cancer like a bold lady and even after losing her feminine part, she still flaunts like a queen. The smile on her face after undergoing so many surgery and pain is not easy. She has always inspired the people around her and I m so proud to be her daughter. She conducts classes for people stressing out on each day for various other reasons and she does rehabilitative classes for them and motivates them giving her own example😍 isn't already impressive about her. She is such a confident lady, I think even the death couldn't win over her. I m blessed to her😍love u mom... Lots of love and health wishes for u #womensday thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to tell the greatness of my mom

Love to win for her💕"


She is one beautiful and strong lady and wish her all the strength in the world.

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