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Article: Pooja Shah's Superwoman is herself

Pooja Shah's Superwoman is herself

I am my superwoman. Yes, I am inspired and awed by several women (and men), but that inspiration will not work if I cannot imbibe those and be my own superwoman. I am an ordinary woman. A daughter, a wife, hopefully a mother someday. I am a responsible citizen, and a caring human. I earn my living, care for my family, pay my taxes, be there for my friends, laugh, cry. In our bid to be celebrate 1-2 extraordinary things, lets not forget to appreciate the beauty every average ordinary woman is."


You are more than an average ordinary woman - you are your Superwoman.


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Meghana Govind's Superwoman is her Ajji

Hi zouk .. my Superwoman is my granny ( ajji) .I had working most of the time I used to spend time with my grandma.she is the coolest pe...

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Vidya Hugar's Superwoman is her Mom

My mom @laks has always been my role model. She fought breast cancer like a bold lady and even after losing her feminine part, she still flaunts li...

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