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Article: Sahna's Superwoman is her Mother

Sahna's Superwoman is her Mother

Hey 🎈
My superwoman is my mother. Even though she is a gold medalist in her University, she gave up her dreams so she can take care of me and my brother. She has literally lived her life for us. Her day starts at 5 in the morning and she waits till we are asleep and then only she rests. She has done everything to make us happy. 
She is my superwoman because she gave up her dreams to make our dreams come true and has never complained about anything.
When I needed to talk, she listened. 
When I was hungry, she fed me. This frail woman whom I call my mom was a superwoman while I was growing up and will always be. With wisdom, she guided; with tenderness, she spoke; and with love, she raised me. She has that inbuilt energy which I'll never have. This woman never says never.
Although we weren't rich,my mother made it a point always to give me a present on my birthday. 
So this women's day I will gift her, her favourite, zouk bag..."

To all the homemakers we can't thank enough for all your love and support.


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