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Article: Vishva Patel's Superwoman is her Mami

Vishva Patel's Superwoman is her Mami

My mami, she is my super women.. I have never seen my mama.. He lost his life before i born.. Bt i saw my mami handling graceful everything.. How she handle home nd fmly nd she is so sweet and transparent.. I love her alot.. Its been 25 yrs nd she is still same loving woman..!! 😍"


We wish you all the best and lots of love.


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Sahna's Superwoman is her Mother

Hey My superwoman is my mother. Even though she is a gold medalist in her University, she gave up her dreams so she can take care of me and my brot...

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Ishu Raj's Superwoman is her Elder Sister

My superwoman is my elder sister She has been facing many challenges and struggles from her childhood her life would be a history if they come to k...

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