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Article: Secret Santa guide from Zouk - top 5 gifts for Christmas

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Secret Santa guide from Zouk - top 5 gifts for Christmas

December is round the corner. It's that time of the year when everyone agrees that life at work is chill! 

.. And unlike Diwali, which is for family, December is for friends - at work, from college or outside. And for them, you give them a gift - you become their SECRET SANTA. 

.. And this Santa usually comes with a clause - a special GIFT for each one of them.

Here is our guide of the top 5 picks for those 5 special people:

1. A special female friend

The Mughal Motif Women's Office Bag - Rs. 1,799

Zouk Mughal Motif Office Bag


2. The male friend who is always there

The Brown Metal Laptop Bag - Rs. 1,799

Zouk Brown Metal Laptop Bag

3. The travel bug friend who always plan that Goa trip

The Gerua Canvas Backpack - Rs. 1,599

Zouk Gerua Canvas Backpack

4. Say thanks to HR for doing this in office

The Ikat Wave Sling Bag - Rs. 1,299

Zouk Ikat Wave Sling Bag

5. Your manager also deserves it at year end

The Ikat Striped Black Travel Kit - Rs. 999

Zouk Ikat Striped Black Travel Kit

Happy Santa Clausing and gifting this Christmas!


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