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Article: Sudhir - Our Advertising Maverick

Sudhir - Our Advertising Maverick

Our founder Disha Singh connected with Sudhir. He briefly shared what he does and which Zouk product he has.We thank him for taking time out and wish him the best.  

Q1. What's your name, where do you live and what do you do (professionally, personally, in life etc.)?

My name is Sudhir Kiran, living in Bangalore and working for an advertising agency. I'm usually travelling to China and the US on project basis (approx 6-8 months in a year). 

Q2. Your favorite person in the world? 

My favorite person in the world is my wife, Ujwala. She's made me who I am today. I'm so fortunate to have had her in my life. We were friends in college, started dating and got married a couple of years ago. My second favorite is my cat. 


Zouk Hash Brown Backpack

Q3. Which Zouk product do you have and what do you like about it?
If you can share a photo of you with the product, will be even better.

I own this bag - Jet Black Canvas Backpack. I have attached a photograph as well. 

You are doing a great job Disha. I am all for female leadership and entrepreneurship. All the best!

I mean, I've been so happy owning this bag, that it negates the feelings of the other bags I've owned in the past. Truly wonderful!

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