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Article: Steering the ship ahead - story of our logo

Zouk Updates

Steering the ship ahead - story of our logo

Multiple people have asked us, what does our logo stand for. Below is our story.

Our logo has 2 parts - the Zouk brand name and the steering wheel of the ship.

Zouk is a form of music, which blends multiple genres and has an exuberant style. Our mission was similar - blends of multiple Indian handicraft forms and having a style. Be it our laptop bags or our hand bags, ladies bags, wallets, clutches or duffel bags - you will find a blend of fabrics. We also focus on utility to ensure it is beyond just a vanity item.

The steering wheel is actually a form of a Sea Turtle, which is what our parent company is called. Sea turtle, as an animal, is adaptable, strong, slow but steady and has a long life. As taught in a popular course at my alma mater, IIM Ahmedabad, each company is a living organism. For us, Sea turtle fit well with how we wanted to build our company. 

Every product will be handcrafted with love and will be special. It will blend style with a utility. It will make an exuberant statement amongst the multiple big and small brands in the market but will give you comfort. We hope you like it. 

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Zouk Updates

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