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Our Journal: Zouk updates, new collections, offers, featured customers

Zouk bags featured in Netflix's Little Things 3

Netflix's Little Things 3 is a top series. Nice series, loved by millennials across India. So, when two Zouk bags appeared in the series, carried b...

Zouk is now PeTA approved Vegan

From 2016, we have been 100% Vegan. PeTA has finally given us their badge of approval to say that we are indeed Vegan.

Zouk reaches 500 pincodes across 26 Indian states

Zouk products are now in hands of customers in 500 pin codes across 26 Indian states. Thank you for spreading our message of Proudly Indian and stay tuned for new better products in the coming months.

Zouk love from Assam - more to come soon

Today, we got an order from Assam. It is a high point for Zouk since we are super happy to shout out loud and say Proudly Indian. We are a young company. A young startup for a young India. A very Proud India, which should carry that pride around.

Hiring: Social Media Marketing Intern aka Zouk Growth Ninja

Zouk is hiring Social Media Marketing Interns or Growth Ninjas. They will drive all online growth for Zouk. Good opportunity for young talent to work with management team (IIT, IIM) and build from scratch. Full time opportunities exist. Email your CV or LinkedIn profile to

Zouk in a nutshell - this is what we stand for

Founded in 2016, Zouk is an exuberant bags brand. We use Indian handcrafted fabrics and obsess on both style and utility. The Zouk vision is to become the next big global Indian brand. We stand for Proudly Indian and 100% vegan. 

Steering the ship ahead - story of our logo

Zouk stands for exuberant style and a blend of genres. Sea turtle stands for a long life and adaptability. Our bags, clutches, wallets stand for these qualities.

The birth of a Proudly Indian  bags brand

A visit to Kutch as part of the IIM Ahmedabad course led to the birth of Indian handicraft based laptop bags, clutch, wallets, ladies bags and other designs from different parts of India.