How to Care & Maintain your Leather Bag?

Ever since Man discovered leather around 1300 BC, Leather has pretty much seeped into our life through various products be it instruments, apparel, shoes, bags, and so on. Although leather is long-lasting and has an evergreen appearance it requires special care and a sophisticated approach to increase its longevity. The reason is, unlike synthetic materials, leather is an animal-based natural product prone to decay and getting destroyed easily. Due to this unnecessary hassle, People have started opting for vegan leather; long-lasting and reasonably priced, these leather bags come in beautiful pop-up colors and require lesser care and maintenance, and are animal-cruelty free.

    A leather bag has a different status quo compared to any other material. Most brands’ show stopper bags are premium quality vegan leather bags due to their natural unique texture, finesse, and elegance that oozes out of them.

  Just as our skin requires daily moisturization, vegan leather requires conditioning and caring too, without which it will dry out and your vegan leather bag will be destroyed. Without proper care and maintenance, your leather bag will lose shine and become brittle. 

So the important question that comes up is: How to take care of leather bags? What does it mean to polish, condition, or preserve an old leather bag?

Let us break the answer down into smaller parts:


When it comes to how to take care of leather bags, other arbitrary questions come up too: how to clean an old leather bag, how to polish a leather bag, how to shine a leather bag. The answers start with things that you will need to take care of in a leather bag:

  • Softsoap
  • Damp cotton cloth
  • Conditioner and moisturizer for leather
  • Chalk powder
  • Bubble wrap
  • Suede brush
  • Pink eraser
  • Leather specific protective spray


Although there is a large variety of leather in the market and each of them has its way of being cared for, all leathers, in general, must undergo these steps to preserve their texture, and outlook:

  • ALLOW IT TO BREATHE: kept in the closet for a long time leather can get destroyed. When it comes to how to keep a leather bag, use the travel bag to store your leather bag or one can even use a pillowcase of a breathable fabric to store their leather bag.
  • CLEAN WITH A DAMP CLOTH: Bags accumulate dirt easily and are subject to wear and tear. Wipe your bag regularly or weekly with a cotton damp cloth or even a paper towel. One can also use a soft soap in a circular motion followed by cleaning with a damp cloth. This is the best way to clean an old leather bag too. So next time if you are worried about how to clean faux leather bag, you know what to do!
  • DRY IN  SUNLIGHT/ NATURAL HEAT: If your leather bag is all wet and soggy, do not be tempted to throw it in front of a dryer/ heater as leather may shrink and dry out. Instead, let it dry naturally.

  • SUNLIGHT SAFE:  unlike animal leather, Vegan leather does not get dried easily when exposed to sun or heat. Although periodic attention is required, one can use vegan leather bags without having to worry about getting destroyed in the sun.
  • POLISHING  LEATHER BAG: This depends on the outlook of the bag and the nature of the leather. Leather bags are usually preferred shiny so make sure to buy a polishing cream that goes with your leather bag.
  • CONDITIONER/CREAM: The answer to how to keep leather bags from cracking is using a conditioner/cream to prevent our leather handbags from drying out. If you like your leather bags to have a rugged look then go for conditioning every  6-12 months, or every 3 months will be perfect too. Now you know how to condition leather bag!
  • WATERPROOFING: Conditioners do not waterproof leather so make sure to buy a waterproofing spray to repel water, dust, snow, etc. Waxes can be used instead of sprays; Although vegan leather does not require extensive waterproofing, make sure they stay away from water as much as possible.
  • WIRE/SUEDE BRUSH: Suede leathers cannot be washed therefore suede brushes are used to wipe away grime and dirt to preserve leather bags.
  • REMOVING STAIN: chalk powder removes organic stains; let the powder sit over the stain overnight and wipe it off with a clean cloth. 

How to remove old water stains from your leather purse?

Usually, a leather cleaner does the job, but if one were looking for alternatives, then options such as using rubbing alcohol, mayonnaise, water and vinegar solution, warm water and dishwashing soap solution, leather milk, coconut oil are popular choices too.

  • If you are wondering how to clean synthetic leather bag, then just use a mixture of warm water and dish soap and use a soft-bristled brush.
  • If you are thinking about how to shine leather bag, a simple solution of warm water with soap followed by a clean wiping does the trick
  • In case you want to know how to care for leather purse make sure to clean them daily and condition them every 3 months.


When it comes to how to take care of leather bag, Do not forget the Don’ts while following the Do’s; Let’s have a look at some of these points:

  • No touching of your leather bag with dirty hands.
  • Avoid spilling drinks
  • Keep your bag away from hair color solutions, hair sprays, or alcohol
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Forgetting to clean, moisturize and preserve leather.

A list of stylish zouk vegan leather bags concocted with beautiful motifs and prints:

List of Zouk Leather bags with motifs/ prints


Royal Indian Peacock Motif Office Bag - Zouk

Office, Staycation

Seashell Motif White Three Fold Wallet - Zouk

Daily use, Office party

FloMotif Handbag - Zouk

Office, Informal event

GeoOptics Hobo Bag - Zouk

Casual hangout

Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Sling Bag - Zouk

Lunch date

Royal Green Mogra Print Laptop Bag - Zouk


Classic Zipper Wallet - Abstract Amaze - Zouk


A little bit of vegan leather and some cool prints go a long way. 

Happy Zouking!

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