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Article: How to Choose the Right Size of Handbag for Women?

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How to Choose the Right Size of Handbag for Women?

You might wonder how to choose the right handbag size? The handbag sizes can vary from a sassy clutch to an enormous tote, from a few centimeters to several inches. 

What if it is too small or too big? Will it match my fashion style? Will it be practical?

Don't worry, we got you covered. We have got the answers to your worrisome questions. 

Apart from the durability, affordability, utility and material, the size of the handbag genuinely matters. When you say handbag, it can mean an enticing array of different sizes and patterns. While going grocery shopping, you may carry a simple handbag with moderate size. While grooving in a cocktail party, keep a handbag with minimal size and accessories so that it doesn’t get in the way of you and the dance floor. When going to the office, you need roomy handbags to carry your daily essentials. If you want to make it a gym bag, make sure you use sturdy and jumbo sized handbags because all your sweaty gear will be stored in it. Short trip? Go with multi-compartment handbags to keep your wallet, and snacks stored in one place but in an organized way. Family function? Take a sober size handbag carrying your make-up pouch, wallet and your perfume. Parents’ Teachers’ meeting at your kid’s school? Take the handbag carrying your wallet, tissue, umbrella, and glasses - you might have to check the kiddo’s grades. A medium sized bag will do. 

When you plan on buying a handbag, you need to consider a few things. Your handbag size or purse size should be selected keeping in mind how you want to make yourself look or what is the occasion intended. 

The way you carry your bag speaks a lot about your personality. A bag that expresses your personality and takes care of your utility is all you need. The sophistication and confidence that comes along with the right size handbag just gives the correct impression. Just go along with the one that your heart desires. The trend is everything these days but what you love should remain your priority. It's a matter of choice and you get to choose that for yourself.

Is the bag spacious enough? Does it fulfill your needs? Is it too bulky? 

These are very important questions. You want a bag which is worth all the money. It must have the space to accommodate all your stuff in it and at the same time, it must go well with your outfit. There are a whole lot of brands with different price tags but it's really confusing when it comes to the situation where you need to make a choice and buy one from a pool of bags.

It gets easier when you exactly know what you should consider while making this choice. Let's dive straight into that. 


Always keep in mind where you are headed to. Can be a winter picnic spot or your friends’ last bachelor birthday party or a weekend breakout from monotony or just the place you hate on Mondays - Office. Please make sure that you reserve your larger-than-life totes for picnic Sundays, carry your sling-sized-bag to the well-lit and cozy cafe and take that zipped, compartmented and organised bag to office and trips, carrying your mini portable world.  


When you need a bag to style well with your outfit, your purse dimensions will be very different than needed. You will buy purse sizes that are just right to carry your bare minimum essentials and cut short on the extra baggage. 


Comfort and convenience is important, so is the confidence that the correct handbag sizes add. But you surely want bags that are easy to clean and maintain. Handbags made of handicraft fabrics and vegan leather are easy to use, clean and maintain. 


Shelf life is important for the handbags that you carry. It should be capable of taking care of your essentials without getting torn apart or zipped open. Choose wisely and select the size and material with utmost care.


Where there is reality, fashion tends to say goodbye. Newbie mom? Diapers, food and towels are the must-have stuff. Take handbag sizes from large to extra large to carry the basics of babies. New joinee in office? Take a sophisticated bag eliminating the requirements to carry separate lunch box bags and wallets. Daily running errands? Take a sturdy and roomy bag for keeping hands and mind free of baggage. Party? Take a mini sling. Coffee date? Take a wallet with a sling

But if you don’t want to compromise on the style and want it merged with practicality, you should go for Zouk bags.

A quick guide to the right size -

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Apt Occasions

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Family Events

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Multicolor Mandala Print Hobo Bag

Date Nights

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Short Trips

Easy, isn’t it?

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