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Article: What Materials are Tote Bags made of?

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What Materials are Tote Bags made of?

You might have seen people coming out of malls or casual grocery stores with large cloth bags having long straps around the shoulder. You might have wondered why these bags have become incredibly popular these days and everything about such bags. They are not just a great piece of utility but also a fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

These are tote bags. They are defined as large bags generally made of fabric or leather with long straps attached to them, which are designed to be worn around the shoulder. It is very much similar to a shoulder bag, except for the size, shape and spaciousness.

Many shoulder bags that we use in our daily life are a subset or type of tote bag. The main difference between each is the material with which it’s made. Through this piece, we shall discuss everything you need to know about the material used to make tote bags, how they are different, which is the best material for a tote bag, and so on.

You’d be pleased to know that the variety of materials with which tote bags are made are more than you think. Each requirement of yours - be it a style add-on, or an easy to manage bag, or an easy to clean bag, could be met by the variety of tote bag materials available online and offline.


 The Comfortable Tote - This should come first in the tote bag material list. Cotton is one of the best fabrics to make a tote bag. Not only is it lightweight and manageable, but it is also sustainable, hence a good option to buy for the long term. This is why more groceries and malls are offering cotton tote bags as carrying bags, making their stores more environmentally friendly. It carries a minimal charge and can be used multiple times for basically every market visit or purchase. It is also easily washable which makes it a pretty good tote bag material.


The Common Tote - The second most common fabric used for tote bags is Canvas. By its name, it may seem to be a plain large bag made of a soft fabric. It is very similar to a cotton bag, except that canvas bags are much more sturdy and durable because of the multiple layers of fabric used in their making. Its straps too are made of multiple layers of cotton fabric, making it much more competent in carrying heavyweight. These bags too are easily washable, even in machines. You will find quirky quotes written on canvas tote bags that make it more likable and some go well with your personality. The canvas tote bag material can withstand wear and tear so you can use it for daily running errands, grocery shopping, offline coaching classes and to carry things brought on random shopping sprees. 


The Golden Tote - Jute is the next most commonly used and seen tote bag material. These bags are an eco-friendly option because it is completely biodegradable and is solely plant-based. Not only are they strong and durable, but are available in pretty prints and artsy designs making them a perfect fit for a window-shopping session or a day out at the beach. Jute, however, is different from cotton and canvas. It has a slightly scratchy material making it a bit uncomfortable for lengthy events. But jute tote bag material gives you a sturdy, and eco-friendly bag that can be carried to beach parties, pool events and winter picnics. 


The  Reusable Tote - It is yet another material with which a tote bag is made. It is a type of plastic but has a fabric-like texture giving it the durability of plastic and the convenience of a fabric-based bag. These bags can carry heavy loads, are easily cleanable, water-resistant, and lightweight. However, if you have a taste for stylish bags, this may not be the best choice for you. You can use this tote material for carrying your sweaty gym gear, or use it as diaper bags or keep the unwashed clothes in these kinds of totes while on a trip so that the dirt and sweat from used clothes doesn’t harm anything in your suitcase. A polypropylene tote would be the best choice for a long journey to pack your basic snacks and requirements. It guarantees long-use and maximum comfort.


The Waterproof Tote - Nylon is stretchable, and that essentially means, nylon tote bags can accommodate large amounts of luggage without breaking apart. Being impermeable by nature, it is naturally waterproof. The totes made of nylon protects your mini portable world from unwanted rain, and accidental spillages. Apart from these, nylon totes are sturdy, easy to clean and don't lose their durability with time, usage and age. You can use these for daily running errands, specifically in monsoon season.


The Velvety Feel Tote - Very smooth and comfortable to the touch, the polyester material tote bags do not easily wrinkle, are roomy and sturdy. These tote bags are also available in the market which can be used for carrying lunch boxes, going for weekly grocery shopping or carrying water bottles and juices while going for weekend trips. 

Apart from these, there are Vegan Leather Tote Bags which have all the best qualities blended together - aesthetic feel, ethical making, pocket-friendly, eco-friendly, stylish, functional, durable, water-proof, easy to clean, spacious and practical. 

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Go Tote-ing today and tomorrow; these are the best bags you will ever find!

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