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Article: How to choose a handbag that suits your style and outfit?

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How to choose a handbag that suits your style and outfit?

 Your handbag is not just an ordinary bag. It gives you a sense of utility, fashion, and function. Selecting a handbag for regular use can be comparatively easy because all you need is too many compartments, and zippers to keep your things organized. If you want to step out in sunny and rainy weather, saving your things from extreme heat or unpredictable rain then you should opt for a handbag with weather-proof inner lining & outer material. Enough roomy handbags enable you to carry your mini world inside the bag - keys, wallet, phone, earphones, power bank, snacks, umbrella, water bottle, a book (maybe), and sanitizer (most importantly).

If you leave aside the convenience of carrying a handbag, you can and should focus on the fashion aspects of having a stylish handbag. Handbags add a touch of comfort and confidence to your life and look, respectively. The type of outfit you are wearing, the mood you are currently in, and your purpose primarily decide the shape, size, pattern & color of your handbag. 

Regular office, casual shopping, coffee dates, family functions, daily running errands, weekend getaways, treks, parties - there can be plenty of occasions and you might be in your formal, semi-formal, informal, ethnic, Indo western dresses. To look the best and feel even better, you need to carry a bag that matches your style, outfit & personality. A stylish trendy hand bag is something that adds value to your wardrobe. 

Most versatile colors for handbags to match your wardrobe

You may keep wondering about the questions - “how to match handbag with outfit”, “how to choose a handbag color”, or “does your purse have to match your outfit”. No more pondering upon these simply complex questions because Zouk has got all the answers.

Yes! Your handbag needs to match your outfit, style, personality & mood. If don’t know how to pick a purse color, always go for these five colors -

1. Black

 This is something classy and timeless. If you google - find the perfect purse for me, probably Google will answer - “Black never goes wrong!” Be it casual, formal, or semi-formal, black handbags can match any outfit and occasion. You can carry a black sling with your party dress, a black tote to your office, a black backpack for weekend getaways, and a black clutch everywhere. 

2. Brown

 From coffee to caramel, from tawny to chocolate - you can go for the shades of brown if you are not someone who prefers black. If you are someone who likes to mix trendy things with vintage choices, you can go for fashion hobo bags that have shades of brown on them. If you are wearing undertones of warm color, go for cream or beige shades of bags. Burgundy, rust, blue, black, white-colored outfits go well with the rich and sultry shades of brown bags. 

3. Green

 Green goes with almost all the colors of your outfit - be it yellow, purple, blue, white, red, or blue. If you want to go for black-based outfits, try to go for handbags with a rectangular silhouette. If you are wearing a brown-based outfit, go for stylish green slings or wrist clutches. 

4. Blue

 Tell us honestly, which is the most abundant color in your wardrobe? Zouk thinks it is blue. Right from neon blue summer tops to navy blue winter coats, women love this color that has a royal touch, pastel feel, and a gravitating vibe. You can opt for shades of blue if you are thinking - how to pick a purse color.

5. Red

 Add a fantastic pop of color to your outfit, mood, and style with shades of red. You can opt for cherry and rose for sober office parties and dinner dates, scarlet for cocktail parties, crimson for daily running errands, red for wedding parties, sangria for coffee dates, mahogany for offices, colleges, and work events, and ruby at anywhere you like. Zouk believes that there is a shade of red for everyone.

    How to pick the right handbag for every occasion?

    There are plenty of styles of handbags that are available in the market - ranging from hobo bags to totes to slings to shoulder bags. 

    Go for something neutral-hued, sober-toned, and regal touch for your office. FloMotif Women's Office Bag can be your partner to the office. The water-resistant inner lining of this bag will keep your laptop and phone safe. Umbrella, tiffin box, water bottle, keys, wallet, and earphones will also find their way in this bag. 

    Go for something multi-colored while going on a brunch date, coffee meet-up, and dinner parties. Multicolor Mandala Print Hobo Bag has a zip closure and single strap handle. This bag has a back chain for quick access to things like lip balm, pen, mask, sanitizer, and tissue. The geometric configuration of symbols - Mandala, goes well with your messy hair and amicable mood.

    Sling bags are an absolute yes if you are going on a weekend getaway, a house party at your friends’ place, or staycation tours with your friends. Carry your keys, tissue, soap paper, lip balm, face wash, day cream, cash, card, IDs, comb, and sanitizer. WavBeach Sling Bag can match your peppy mood & happy pictures.

    The hand-painted or block-printed Kalamkari fabric is used by Zouk to make Chittoor Blue Kalamkari Tote Bag that goes well with your everyday outings, and short trips to grocery stores, kids’ school, or gym sessions. 

    Ikat Magenta Needle Handbag is unique in its color and print. The Ikat print is generally seen on your outfit but imagine having a handbag with this print? It feels closer to your roots and the magenta color is uncommon in handbags. With the combination of trendy and traditional, this handbag is something that you can’t miss out on. Take this bag to carry extra clothes when going on a short trip or family wedding functions. 

    Jaipur Fresco Blue Structured Shoulder Bag is a boat sling bag that looks stylish, has an urbane vibe, and is enough roomy to carry a small bottle, phone, wallet, mask, charger, and lip balm. If you don’t have to carry a laptop or too many books, you can take this bag to the office & college. The different body styles of handbags are present around you but trust us, this shape will make the heads turn.

    How to pick the right handbag for various style statements? 

    Sometimes, you are wearing an organza saree having floral motifs, and sometimes, you are wearing a graphic print shirt with flared palazzos. But even if your outfits are on point, make-up perfect, and mood happy, you will still need to figure out what bag goes best with which attire and style statements. Zouk has made things easy for you. Just refer to the below points -

    Business Formals 

    Black or gray pencil cut skirts with formal full sleeve shirts look immensely stylish & professional. You can also pair it with checkered suits and blazers in blue, tan, or beige and walk with confidence. Carry Lattice Lace Women's Office Bag with comfort to the office.

    Semi Formals 

    T-shirt dresses, ankle-length pants, linen shirts, jeans, and tops need a handbag that has a pretty print and peppy vibe. Jaipur Fresco Blue Handbag is something that has a soothing blue color, unique shape, and floral minimal print. 


    This is synonymous with a laid-back style that brings comfort and relaxation. Tuck in your hoodie or a sweatshirt in winter and be ready to slay on any day. African Art Envelope Wallet with Detachable Sling has an abstract design that is quirky and perky.

    Indo Western Attires 

    Kaftaan kurtis, Chikankari kurta with cigarette pants, lehenga with jacket, and shirts with long skirts - you can opt for unconventional fashion techniques to stay in-trend. Paisley Print Structured Shoulder Bag should be your friend in cocktail parties, dinner dates & brunch meet-ups.

    Indian Dresses 

     Royal Indian Peacock Motif Hobo Bag has a royal and ethnic vibe with the aesthetics being unique and off-center. Carry it with a lehenga, saree, skirts, and salwar suits. 

    Special styling tips by Zouk

    Stop brooding over the question - how to choose handbag size? You need to make three lists -

    1. One list has the basic items that you must carry whenever stepping out.
    2. One list has the basic items plus something that you may need on the go.
    3. One list has all the items - trivial, minimal & beyond that. 

    Based on the above points, you need to understand which bag will be roomy enough, sturdy much & weather-proof must to carry your things with safety and organization. The premium quality bags from Zouk are made of vegan leather, making them stylish, affordable, and functional - all at the same time. 

    Below are some styling tips by Zouk -






    Long coats, Leather Jacket, Cozy Sweater

    Chittoor Red Kalamkari Hobo Bag

    Rs. 1,599


    Off-the-Shoulder Tops, Flared Skirts, Denim Shorts

    Honeycomb Summer Tote Bag

    Rs. 1,499


    Midi Dress, Flip Flops, Scarves

    Ikat GreRe Handbag

    Rs. 1,899


    Ruffle Detail Top, Tassel Top, Tie-Front Floral Dress

    Mughal Art Multicolor Sling Bag

    Rs. 1,199


    Long-Sleeve Top, Jeans, Sneakers

    Abstract Amaze Structured Shoulder Bag

    Rs. 1,299

    Live your life to the fullest but in style!

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