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Article: How to Correctly Measure Your Purse?

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How to Correctly Measure Your Purse?

Utilities can vary from Monday to Sunday. On Monday, you might be needing your “carry-all” tote and to save yourself from the mid-week blues, you may need to carry a sling to the nearby coffee café. On happy and peppy Fridays, you might just want to take your book, a water bottle, some snacks, and go for a solo long drive date. Sundays can be a bit relaxing - take your wallet and go for a lazy walk with your friend or partner. 

To understand what is the correct size you need, you should have a fairly good idea of how to measure a purse. You can follow the handbag size chart given on the website that you want to buy your next bag from or you can scroll further down to have a look at the handbag measurement guide given below each product. But to understand the website listings, dimensions of a handbag, and purse measurement guide - you need to scroll more. 

Understanding How To Measure A Purse

A purse has three dimensions - Length (L), Breadth (B), and Height (H). If you want an example of how the measurements are listed, here it is 10"L x 7"H x 4"W.

Take a small tape measure for purse and hold it straight along the front base of the handbag, preferably from left to right. This will give you the length of the handbag

To measure the height of the handbag, you need to take the measuring tape and right from the base to the top of the handbag, hold the tape straight somewhere in the middle portion of the handbag or tote bag or your shoulder bag. Remember to exclude the handles or straps of your bag. 

Take the same measuring tape and travel from the back of the handbag to the front (side to side) and note it down. This is the breadth of the handbag

To understand the depth of the bag, you will measure in the same way as breadth but from the front of the handbag to the back (side to side). 

There is another term that you might find useful - Strap Drop Length.

Some women might want to carry the handbag on their shoulders, and some women may want to have the bag slung on their shoulders, like a sling. Basically, it is to understand how low or high you can carry your handbag or shoulder bag. Hold the straps straight standing and measure the distance from the opening of the bag to the strap's highest point. So, if someone asks you - how to measure strap drop on purse, you already have the answer right?

Why It Is Important To Know - “How To Measure A Purse” 

Reading the above section, you might be thinking that it is difficult to measure a purse or there is a lot of trouble involved, then let us tell you why knowing - “how to measure purse dimensions” is important. While buying, you will be well-informed about the sizes and dimensions of the purses. In this way, you will end up buying a bag with the correct size that you need, without digging too much into the handbag size chart or dimensions of a handbag listed on the websites. You will instantly know if this is the exact size that you want to buy. 

Which Bag To Carry & When?

According to Zouk, there are roughly seven kinds of bags that a woman should own. And guess what? You will find all of these at Zouk.

1. The Party Sling 

It can be a small, dainty, and compact bag that will store your keys, cash, card, phone, tissue, power bank, sanitizer, lipstick, and comb. Take this to coffee dates, cocktail parties, and birthday bashes. 

2. The Day Backpack





It is a lightweight version of a backpack, that is capable of carrying your water bottle, snacks, wallet, tab, phone, power bank, sanitizer, book, and anything that you might require while going on short trips, weekend getaways, and lazy walks through unexplored rural spots. 

3. The Big Enough Tote 


Running to offices, gym, kindergartens, or grocery shopping? Take your big fat tote with you to carry things - trivial, necessary, and beyond that. 

4. The Sleek Yet Sober Clutch 

You need to carry a wallet that is roomy enough, stylish much, and durable truly. Take this to anywhere & everywhere you like - school, college, office, party, trips & interviews. 

5. The Handy Hobo

Mix the functional aspects and fashionable sides of a bag to produce something called a hobo bag. Having a size somewhere between a handbag and a tote bag, you can carry the hobos to beach parties, mountain café dates, and forest campfire stays.

6. The Sassy Shoulder Bag 

Are you getting bored with the rectangular silhouettes of the handbags and sling bags? No worries! The slouchy structure of the shoulder bags will give you a fresh perspective about the silhouette, and encourage you to carry this quirky-yet-quintessential bag to wedding parties, office dinners, and social events. 

7. The Humble Handbag 

This bag is found in every wardrobe and with every woman. Sturdy, lightweight, fashionable, functional, roomy, and classy handbags can be carried to staycation, short trips, supermarket rounds, retail hopping, café exploring, and to the offices. 



    Dimensions (Length x Height x Width)

    Lattice Lace Two Fold Wallet with Detachable Sling

    Rs. 899

    7.5 x 4.5 x 1 inch (approx)

    Mughal Art Multicolor Women's Office Bag

    Rs. 1,899

    16 x 13 x 4 inches (approx)

    Multicolor Mandala Print Hobo Bag

    Rs. 1,599

    19 x 12.5 x 2.75 inches (approx)

    Karur Aquamarine Floral Motif Structured Shoulder Bag

    Rs. 1,299

    12.5 x 9 x 3 inches (approx)

    WavBeach Laptop Bag

    Rs. 1,999

    16 x 12 x 2.5 inches (approx)

    Chhavi Niwas Jhoomar Motif Handbag

    Rs. 1,899

    14 x 5 x 7 inches (approx)

    Floral Blue Pottery Tote Bag

    Rs. 1,499

    19 x 4 x 12 inches (approx)

    Jaipur Fresco Blue Sling Bag

    Rs. 1,199

    6 x 8.5 x 2.75 inches (approx)

    Know the right size and buy the best size!

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